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Moonbirds reveal Reward Tokens for NFT holders



Moonbirds have unveiled their signature reward token $TALON for holders of their NFTs which will be distributed to Moonbirds holders on a daily basis as a reward system. 

This was announced during a Twitter space session on Monday, April 17th. During t the session, $TALONS can be accumulated through a ” nesting process,” whereby holders will automatically receive the tokens daily.

According to Kevin Rose, founder of Moonbirds, an important feature is that holders of the $TALONS token can use them to bid for exclusive drops, merchandise, IRL events, and collaboration experiences. The tokens can only be used in the PROOF Ecosystem 

Founder Kevin likened the token and its distribution to credit card reward points, which will be earned daily for holding a Moonbirds NFT. The announcement signals a shift from the Proof ecosystem token that was expected to be released.

 The PROOF Ecosystem may be following industry trends, as other projects such as Kanpai Pandas and y00ts have leaned into “ecosystem points” instead of tokens, perhaps to avoid regulatory uncertainty,

During the Twitter space Moonbirds unveiled The Diamond Exhibition, which is set to showcase art from 22 different artists and is set to begin on April 27, The exhibition would distribute Day One Passes to members who succeeded in nesting within the first 24 hours, which gives them a head start to pick their favorite art piece. 



In addition to the exhibition, Moonbirds also unveiled its Mythic eggs, which will operate with 3 levels of rarity; Legendary, Runic, and Stone. Each egg provides distinct artistic choices, and if you claim an egg within the first week.

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