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Gitcoin launches its Beta Funding Round



Gitcoin opens the Gitcoin Grants Beta Round. The Gitcoin Beta Funding Round is the second set of Gitcoin Grants Quadratic Funding test rounds to run on the new decentralized Gitcoin Grants Stack. According to the announcement made on Twitter, this funding opportunity will include core rounds decided on by GTC token holders and community members, as well as independently-managed 

Gitcoin is a decentralized platform built on the Ethereum blockchain that promotes open-source development by offering financing and incentives to developers who contribute to various projects. It matches donations and supports public goods in the digital ecosystem using a revolutionary method known as quadratic financing.

Furthermore, the round which is scheduled to run from 12:00 UTC on April 25th to 23:59 UTC on May 9th, will present a new concept to test within the Gitcoin Grants Stack program: independently-managed Featured Rounds.

The success of the Alpha Round

Describing the previous round, Gitcoins said that the Gitcoin Program Alpha Round, which ran from January 17 to January 31, 2023, was a critical testing period for the new system, allowing the team to collect input, identify and address any difficulties, and learn best practices while continuing to grant significant cash to Gitcoin Grantees. The Beta Round extends this test as Gitcoin moves closer to this exciting, new future of collaborative and decentralized funding for important projects.

The Alpha Round was divided into three rounds, each with its own matching pool: Web3 Open Source Software, Ethereum Infrastructure, and Climate Solutions. There were 159 returning awards, which were distributed throughout the rounds invited based on funding criteria from GR14 and GR15. A total of $667k was given by 30,893 different wallets.

Donors who are interested in supporting listed projects can donate here while projects that want to gain access to funding on Gitcoin can do so here.

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