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Crypto’s impact on e-commerce & online Payments



Due to its many advantages, the usage of digital currency in online business has been gradually expanding in recent years. According to Statista, the number of identity-verified cryptoasset users from 2016 to November 2022, moved from 5 million to over 402 million. The greater security and anonymity that cryptocurrencies provide is one of the most important advantages they offer to users and businesses. 

Transactions that are carried out using cryptocurrencies are protected by sophisticated cryptographic methods, which make it exceedingly impossible to forge or manipulate them.

Customers who buy things online and are concerned about the safety of their financial information are finding this to be a very appealing option.



E-commerce has made online payments a necessity as its transactions are done online. Also, credit cards and bank transfers have long dominated online commerce. The use of cryptocurrency offers many advantages over traditional payment systems. Triple A points out that over 85% of US merchants view crypto payments as a high priority. Some of crypto’s impact on e-commerce include:

New Payment Method

By incorporating cryptocurrency payment gateways into their websites or online storefronts, merchants can accept cryptocurrency payments, giving customers more options for making purchases.

Cheaper Transaction Fees

Compared to more conventional payment options like credit cards or bank transfers, cryptocurrency transactions frequently have cheaper transaction fees. Especially for cross-border purchases, which can be expensive with conventional payment systems, this can help merchants by lowering transaction costs. An average cost to move over $500 million through crypto may not cost up to $20 depending on the blockchain network, the platform, and the price of the crypto at the time of the transaction. Triple A confirms this, according to their statistics

Faster Transactions

Compared to traditional bank transfers, which may take hours or even days to complete, cryptocurrency transactions are often carried out more quickly, making the processing of payments for e-commerce transactions faster and more effective. Crypto payments are usually way less expensive than traditional payment methods

Enhanced Security & Privacy

The use of sophisticated cryptographic methods to safeguard cryptocurrency transactions makes them extremely secure and impervious to fraud. Shielding them from false chargebacks and other types of online payment fraud can boost security for online retailers and customers.

Also, cryptocurrency transactions don’t call for the revealing of sensitive or personal information, giving your e-commerce transactions heightened privacy. This adds an extra degree of privacy and security and can help safeguard users’ personal information against data breaches and identity theft.

International Trading

Because cryptocurrency is borderless and functions on a global scale, doing international e-commerce transactions is both simpler and less expensive. Cryptocurrency does away with the need for currency conversions and cross-border transaction fees. Countries that see crypto as legal tender, like El Salvador would have easier trade with the international community and businesses.

Market Expansion and Innovation

The use of cryptocurrencies in e-commerce has sparked the creation of new technologies and business models such as Smart Agriculture, AKIRI, BurstIQ

It has also broadened the industry by luring a new group of customers who favour making online cryptocurrency transactions, like Telco, McDonald’s, Betty Place, and many more.



It is also important to note that there are challenges faced while using crypto in e-commerce or online payments. Some of these are as follows:

Technical Difficulty

Cryptocurrencies are based on a system called blockchain, which is hard for most people to understand. Users who need to become more familiar with modern systems may find it hard to set up a crypto wallet, manage secret keys, and find their way around crypto exchanges. This technical difficulty can make it harder for people and businesses who want to use cryptocurrencies to pay for things online.


Cryptocurrencies are very volatile, which means that their prices change a lot in a short amount of time. Because of this, it’s hard for businesses to set prices in cryptocurrencies because the value of the cryptocurrency they receive could change a lot before they can turn it into regular money. In the same way, people may be hesitant to use coins to pay for things online because value is hard to predict.


One of the biggest problems with using digital currency to pay for things online is that not many people use it. Even though some stores and companies accept cryptocurrencies as payment, the number of places that do so is still low compared to the number of places that accept traditional payment methods. Because of this, it can be hard for people to use cryptocurrencies to pay for things online, since they may not be accepted by many retailers.

Lack of Regulation 

There is no global authority in charge of regulating cryptocurrencies. And as there isn’t a regulatory system, things like fraud, scams, and money laundering can happen, and consumers won’t be protected. Because there aren’t many rules, it’s also hard for merchants and customers to settle disputes or get help when things go wrong with online cryptocurrency purchases.


The use of cryptocurrencies in online transactions is having an important impact on the industry. Businesses, consumers, and authorities all face new opportunities and challenges as a result of digital currency’s revolutionary features. More developments are still to come to enhance smoother transactions and present safer means of doing business. As the adoption of cryptocurrencies continues to grow, they are likely to play an increasingly significant role in shaping the future of e-commerce.

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