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Aptos hands out a new staking feature, Delegated Staking



Aptos Foundation has launched a new feature, Delegated Staking, with an aim to make staking more accessible and user-friendly. The new feature allows users to delegate their staking power to a trusted network validator, and then earn rewards as an individual.

Delegated staking is a staking mechanism that allows individuals to earn staking rewards without having to become validators themselves. Aptos as well lowered the minimum staking requirement for users participating in the Aptos delegated staking to 11 APT.

Aptos now allows multiple wallets to collectively stake APT on a trusted validator node, thus eliminating the need for individual wallets to meet the 1M APT threshold. Additionally, the minimum staking requirement for users participating in the Aptos delegated staking has been lowered to 11 APT. Any wallet having the minimum stake amount, “can now contribute to the combined staking amount,” Aptos said.

Delegated staking offers everyone

According to Aptos, the delegated staking features present its community and users advantages such as increased accessibility, flexibility, and Self Custody.

The staking activity can be done directly in the Aptos Explorer or from staking interfaces created by Aptos’s partners: 

Aptos acknowledged that the new features were completed in collaboration with Bware Labs; where the Lab co-wrote the smart contract for the staking feature Aptos mentioned that “the Aptos Improvement Proposal for delegated staking was proposed and implemented by Bware Labs and has received great feedback from the community”. “it has now been enabled through an on-chain governance proposal,” Aptos said.

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