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Polkadot Academy to launch in California



Polkadot is bringing its Web3 academy training to the University of Berkeley, California. The Polkadot Blockchain Academy is an education-based project run by Polkadot in partnership with Web3 professionals to help onboard the next builders in the industry.

Polkadot is an open-source sharded multichain blockchain that is highly interoperable allowing for the transfer of assets between chains. It is made up of four major components: Relay Chain (that creates consensus, interoperability, and shared security between different chains), Parachains (independent chains built on Polkadot with customized tokens), Parathreads (pay as-you-go parachains) and Bridges (the infrastructure that connects parachains and parathreads with other chains such as Ethereum).

Training overview 

A breakdown by Polkadot of the academy classes includes the right modules and are as follows:

Module 1 is focused on understanding cryptography and its use cases in concealing and securing communication. Discussion on economics and game theory; core blockchain concepts such as peer-to-peer, consensus, and more; is the content for module 2 and module 3.

In module 4, learners will be taught about the architecture, design, and use cases of Substrate. While the fifth module is about how to build Substrate blockchains using FRAME, the Rust-based DSL.

The last three modules are designed to educate learners about Polkadot, Parachains, and Cumulus; Cross-Consensus Messaging (XCM); and smart contracts respectively.

Who can apply and how to apply 

The training which should be held between July 10th, 2023, and August 10th, 2023 is for anyone who wants to create solutions and contribute to the blockchain space.

For Software engineers who want to migrate from Web2 to Web3 are welcomed as well as Web3 developers who want to learn about Substrate and more about the architecture of blockchain and the industry.

Users can apply here.

Instructors and mentors for the Polkadot Academy

Some of the mentors and instructors in the Polkadot Academy include Robb Habermeier, founder of Polkadot; Shawn Tabrizi, Engineering Lead, Parity; Kian Paimani, Frame / Staking developer, Parity; Joshy Orndorff, Blockchain Chef; Alexander Theißen, Team Lead Pallet Contracts, Parity; Michael Müller, Team Lead ink, Parity.

Others are Andronik Ordiian, Polkadot Core Developer, Parity; Gorka Irazoqui Apecechea, Research Developer, PureStake; Keith Chi Kit Yeung, XCM Core Developer, Parity; Andrew Burger, Technical Educator / Content Developer, Parity (Academy Alumni); Alfonso Cevallos, Blockchain Researcher, Web3 Foundation.

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