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W3DNA has taken the Web3 domain name service to new heights with its revolutionary approach. Unlike its predecessor, the Ethereum Name Service (ENS), which is limited to only the Ethereum blockchain, W3DNA goes multichain, supporting BNB Chain (BSC), Ethereum, and Polygon, making it a more robust web3 domain registrar. With the significant profit margins seen by ENS investors, one can only imagine the potential for an innovative service like W3DNA.

Features provides three main features: Domain, Name, and Account. The Domain feature allows users to choose a unique name to host their decentralized website on any blockchain, using any language and symbol they prefer. By eliminating extensions, adds an extra layer of security against DDOS attacks and censorship.

The Name feature lets users create a unique username or identity to access various Web3 applications, such as GameFi, DEX, DAO, decentralized messengers, and social networks. This feature is that it would enable users to establish a presence in the Web3 ecosystem and interact with other users without revealing their real identity.

The Account feature allows users to create a Web3 account to receive cryptocurrencies on any blockchain. Rather than using long and confusing addresses, users can use their DNA name to receive payments, simplifying the process and making it more user-friendly.



Launched in 2022, W3DNA provides the first-ever domain without an extension. This feature allows users to teleport from one point to another without unnecessary steps. W3DNA technology uses smart contracts, eliminating the work done in Web2. The absence of a governing body ensures that no one can delete or take away the domain, giving users freedom of creativity.


W3DNA domains can be adapted in three ways, including installing the W3DNA browser, adding an extension to the user’s browser, or waiting until the W3DNA team can negotiate with other browsers to have the W3DNA script library by default. Each domain name created cannot be changed and can be registered in any language or symbol, such as the Latin alphabet, Chinese characters, Arabic script, or emojis.

Chain Integration:

With W3DNA, a user mints their NFT domain once on three chains: ETH, BSC, and Polygon, saving time and protecting users against errors. The W3DNA team plans to add more EVM chains in the coming days. There are no renewal fees with W3DNA domains, and users only pay once and own the domain forever.


Investing in W3DNA NFT domains is not subject to inflation, and users can buy the domain for $30 and sell it to a person or company at a price they set.

How to buy & sell domains on W3DNA

Buying and selling domains on W3DNA can be a profitable venture if you have a good understanding of the market and can identify valuable domain names. To do that, you should; 

  1. Research and choose the right domain name: Before you buy a domain, it’s important to do some research to ensure that the domain name you want is not already taken or trademarked. You should also consider the domain’s relevance to your niche or industry and whether it’s easy to remember and spell.
  1. Check availability and pricing: Once you have chosen a domain name, check if it is available for purchase on W3DNA. The website will display the price of the domain, which can range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars depending on the popularity and demand of the name.
  1. Purchase the domain: If you decide to buy the domain, you will need to create an account on W3DNA and select a payment method. W3DNA accepts various cryptocurrencies such as USDT (Bep-20), BTC, ETH, or bank card payments. 

To sell, you need to;

  1. List the domain for sale: If you want to sell a domain on W3DNA, you will need to create a listing for the domain, specifying the price you want to sell it for. You can also include additional information about the domain, such as its history, relevance, and potential value.
  1. Negotiate and close the sale: Once you have listed the domain for sale, potential buyers will contact you through W3DNA to negotiate a price. You can accept or reject offers, and once you agree on a price, W3DNA will facilitate the transaction and transfer ownership of the domain to the buyer.

Closing thoughts is a promising platform that provides innovative solutions to the challenges of domain registration and identity in the Web3 ecosystem. Its flexible and customizable features, high level of security, and user-friendly interface make it an attractive option for users seeking to establish a presence in the Web3 ecosystem. Although, the platform may face competition from other NFT domain providers, and its pricing model may limit its appeal to some users. Overall, has the potential to disrupt the domain and identity market and become a significant player in the Web3 ecosystem.

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