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How to find the latest projects on Arbitrum



Don’t you wonder how your friends or other people make huge money from crypto by buying coins or tokens early yet you always end up taking position late? While they make 20x, you are struggling to make 3x. It is not fair, right? Do they have superpowers? The answer to this last question is they are not Clark Kent or Kyle XY. They have the information you do not have and apply it. We will level the playing field by sharing with you what makes them appear super. 

Education remains ever relevant 

The information you don’t have 

When a new chain goes live, it’s normal to see several players build tools that will help make things easier and better organized. These tools or products aggregate data, provide insight, and share information about the chain and players using the chain. For example, there’s always a block explorer that shows native data about the network operations and tokens created on the network. It also provides additional information such as block count, gas usage, and any other details the developer chooses to include. While this may not help you find the latest projects, it’ll become invaluable as you research the projects. You should always do your due diligence before committing your money. 

Find a new project with launchpads 

Launchpads as the name denotes are platforms that enable founders to launch their projects by helping to raise the funds needed to build, and market projects. As a successful means of raising funds, you’ll always find new and newly launched projects that have not been launched. 

Finding new projects from VC portfolios 

Venture Capital is serious business and capitalists are mindful of what they invest in. It’s normal to see VCs who are focused on a few niches. By implication, when you see a new project that just raised funds from VCs, go through each of the VCs’ portfolios. Chances are they have invested in projects within the ecosystem — Arbitrum. 

Follow the money 

Finding from ecosystem portal 

Who doesn’t like showing off? Maybe you don’t but when a new chain launches with 100s of new projects, that has to make a bang. Right! Arbitrum just like every other ecosystem has an ecosystem portal where new projects can be found. These portals are most times operated by third parties who aggregate these new projects to make them easier to locate. You can always find a newly launched Arbitrum-based project on these aggregators. An example is Arbitrum Portal.

Finding a drop in the air 

Airdrop portals are also a great place to find new projects. There is a lot of airdrop platforms that are chain specific or accommodate projects from multiple chains. New projects are always looking for how to build their communities and airdropping tokens is one of the fastest means of doing this. This is why you can find new projects on airdrop platforms. 

Closing thoughts 

Taking a position in a project before it takes to the moon gives investors huge returns but it’s not always so. Sometimes, you could lose if the project fails. However, it’s not easy finding new projects that could meet your investment preferences. Launchpads and airdrop websites are two of the fastest portals to get new projects. Going through the VC route takes longer but it sure does provide a bit of conviction the project could do well however never forget your due diligence. Whatever you do, remember your funds are for investments, and not to gamble. Take time, and do your research before investing in any project. You can find more Arbitrum projects on and  

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