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Arbitrum receives 99% votes for a fork



In a recent proposal (AIP: ArbOS Version 11), the Arbitrum DAO has given the green light to various enhancements aimed at refining Arbitrum chains. The voting period which started on Nov 27, 2023, is set to conclude on Dec 4, 2023, at 11:11 PM.

The upgrade, equivalent to a hard fork in traditional blockchain terms, encompasses key improvements such as support for the EVM Shanghai upgrade, integration of the PUSH0 opcode, and resolution of miscellaneous bugs.

Arbitrum is a Layer 2 scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain that aims to power fast smart contract transactions while reducing transaction costs. It is designed to address the limitations of Ethereum, such as slow transaction times and high fees, by using optimistic roll-up technology.

Implications of the upgrade 

According to Arbitrum, if the proposal goes through, the blockchain will activate support for the EVM Shanghai upgrade, ensuring a uniform and timely activation across Arbitrum chains. 

The upgrade will also address issues with retryable fees by ensuring proper utilization of both network and infrastructure fee accounts. This correction is particularly vital for Arbitrum Nova. 

Additionally, while already addressed in AIP-7, the correction for default L1 pricing parameters is included in ArbOS Version 11 for completeness. 

As of the current snapshot, the voting results indicate overwhelming support for the ArbOS Version 11 upgrade. With 99.79% voting in favor, the community shows confidence in the proposed enhancements.

The approval of ArbOS Version 11 signifies a collective decision by the Arbitrum DAO to embrace improvements vital for the continued evolution of Arbitrum chains. 

The extensive testing, auditing, and transparency in the upgrade process aim to ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruptions. The positive voting results show a consensus among stakeholders in favor of advancing the Arbitrum ecosystem.

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