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BISKIT Protocol: all you should know about the game publishing platform



Play-to-earn games are creative iterations of games that are redefining the gaming market by combining gameplay and decentralized finance. The emergence of play-to-earn games, where rewards don’t only count as mere points but are also tradables, revolutionized the way that gamers derive value from games. But building games requires a lot of resources, and to make the process easier, game studios have developed tools to help game developers. For blockchain-based games, these tools provide features such as in-game monetization, and exchange mechanisms amongst others helping to provide an environment where game developers can build play-to-earn games. BISKIT is one of these protocols for crypto-games development. 

BISKIT Protocol is a game publishing platform built on the Avalanche network offering services in the form of SDK (Software Development Kits) to affiliated developers. The protocol also offers operations functionality to developers interacting with its ecosystem. BISKIT protocol claims to reduce developers’ need for game operation and services and allow them to focus solely on game development to increase efficiency.

Some of the difficulties faced in the game development industry include marketing or market entry barriers, community growth and management, and new growth engines for developers. BISKIT Protocol aims to solve these issues, by offering a solution that enables smaller and medium-sized game designers to collaborate in the BISKIT ecosystem and roll out games more quickly and comfortably. BISKIT also plans to launch a DAO that would create an environment for publishing and onboarding new games. 

Key features 

NFT Marketplace

Based on technical integration with MetaMask, the BISKIT protocol’s NFT marketplace intends to develop a P2E game-specific service platform similar to those on Avalanche and offer services that include issuance and sales of NFTs. A typical example of the intended BISKIT Protocol NFT marketplace is the Infinity Market. The rewards earned by players are NFTed and will be sold in secondary marketplaces or the Protocol’s NFT marketplace. Game developers in partnership with the BISKIT protocol can issue their APIs stored as metadata as



The BISKIT GameFi will follow the concept of Game+DeFi+NFT where in-game rewards are NFTs and the financial operation is DeFi. Additionally, BISKIT would offer staking and NFT lending leveraging this feature. The GameFi feature gamifies financial instruments, design in-game items as NFTs, and allows the staking of assets for passive earning like NFTs.

BISKIT automatically completes users’ transactions through the Automated Market Maker (AMM) algorithm and is attempting to construct a DEX similar to Uniswap. AMM permits trading and the supply of liquidity; the trading price is determined by the algorithm based on the pool liquidity. 


When users contribute liquidity to the BISKIT swap, they earn the BISKIT governance token. The governance token will enable users to interact with the protocol by using it to take part in ecosystem operations. The DAO uses the BISKIT Swap DEX setup based on Avalanche. 


The BISKIT Protocol ecosystem features a play-to-earn game, Puzzle Fantasy. Puzzle Fantasy is an RPG-genre game where the enemy is knocked down through a puzzle combo attack. The scores are gained when the pieces in Puzzle Fantasy are rearranged; users collect characters, match the same colour, and burst them to earn points. Characters in the game can advance up to seven levels, and the level of evolution affects how tough it is to mine tokens. Puzzle Fantasy was launched in December 2022 with up to 300 in-game NFT characters and is divided into Properties, Ratings, and Enchant. Aside from play-to-earn RPG games, BISKIT is looking to delve into car racing games and metaverse-based games.

Biskit Token economy, Team, Roadmap, partners 

Lower entrance fees are one of the goals of the BISKIT blockchain game platform, which intends to create a setting where users may concentrate on game creation utilizing the BISKIT token for transactions. BISKIT is an Avalanche C-Chain token that has a maximum supply of 3,000,000,000 and over $1,000,000 market cap at the time of publication. Ecosystem reward, liquidity/staking, and marketing have the highest percentage distribution from the total supply pool. 

BISKIT is currently trading in the BitForex exchange and has launched its new wallet update. The BISKIT wallet is multilingual, offering services in Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese languages.

The focus in Q1 2023 will be on the launch of the NFT Exchange, followed by Puzzle Fantasy, DEX, and DeFi services in Q2. According to the BISKIT roadmap, the development of a new play-to-earn game and beta service for the publishing platform will begin in 2023.

The BISKIT CEO S.J Shin is the CEO at KCNET, the BISKIT company. Jason Kim is the BISKIT COO, Stefan is the BISKIT lead developer, and Terry Kim is CIO and KCNET Co.Ltd CIO. 

BitForex, Blockchain Today, Zerone Labs, The Troy, and Nine block creatives are some of the partners of the BISKIT project. 

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