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The Metaverse Thrilling Dead World Introduced to Web3 Gaming Space



Have you ever wanted to play an online game that pays you for having fun?? Introducing Undeads, a metaverse game set in a post-apocalyptic world. The game offers in-game rewards and benefits that you can cash out at any time. Dive into the world of a traditional gaming system, infused with a touch of crypto and NFT to create a unique experience.

To know what to expect when playing Undeads, it is important to understand that some Metaverse gaming characteristics are quite peculiar and hard to miss.

The metaverse is inherently a social platform. Players can invite friends from the real world into these games and build cordial relationships with other players.

The gaming content on the metaverse is flexible. Players can be added to the virtual world, have their personality and content, and treat the environment as a platform for other activities.

Items from one game can be transported to another as the metaverse allows for asset portability.

To put it in layman’s terms, the combination of Web3 gaming and a metaverse platform brings about a beautiful fusion of reality and fun where you have to survive and earn profit for your survival.

What is Undeads? 

Undeads is an MMORPG survival game MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing game and it is a combination of role-playing and multiplayer gaming. MMORPG is distinct because it allows for character creation and player progression, while also adding other players into the game to compete in quests and advance in the game. Undeads is built on the Ethereum blockchain and in-game NFT this means that you can buy, sell, trade, collect or loan out game assets using NFT. It is a game with a borderless economy and an irreconcilable conflict between zombies and humans. The best part is that you get to decide what to do in the game. There is a large selection of P2E mechanics for players and you can grind, craft, mint, and trade unique NFTs for your faction.

The road of NFT in Undeads

There are various items in Undeads and each item has its functionality both in the game and as an NFT asset.

Land: To assert dominance in the world of Undeads, especially among factions, it is best to own land. When you own land you can build, trade, and craft on the land. Own a land and become a true metaverse entrepreneur.

Boxes: The boxes are divided into two which are the mystery box and the legendary box. These boxes are known to be filled with treasures and the rarer the box the rarer the treasures. The boxes guarantee at least one potion.

Potion: Potions are divided into five grades and are required to mint a zombie. This list is according to grades from the lowest to the highest.

The common potion (scarce NFTs) gives you one of the 3333 random common zombies that are the weakest. 

The uncommon potion (very scarce NFTs) gives one of 2222 random uncommon zombies. These uncommon zombies are the improved versions of the common ones. 

The rare potion (very rare NFTs) gives one of the 1000 rare zombies and these zombies are not only strong but gives bonuses to their owner.

The epic potion (extremely rare NFTs) has one of 100 random Epic zombies which are almost the strongest game characters with one of the most unique NFTs

Legendary potions (rarest NFTs) have one of the 11 most powerful and rarest characters in the Undeads metaverse.

Zombies: To have a zombie, you have to reveal the content of your potion. You use the potion to get a zombie and you can get male, female, or kid zombies.

Humans: Apart from zombie NFTs, there are human NFTs that can be playable. To get a human NFT, you have to obtain an Antidote and already have a zombie to convert. These humans can be mutants or have pets.

Weapons: Weapons, armour, and devices are to upgrade the heroes or your in-game character 

Undeads Partnerships 

Undeads gained a lot of partnerships and each partner has a role to play. The gaming team partnered with Warner Bros as one of their high-end production companies. Wabi-sabi sound brought about an all-immersive sound and design system to the game. The cybersecurity, token distribution, and smart contracts, all 25 of them are audited by Certik with the assistance of their partner, RedScan. The company that handled the blockchain was none other than Unicsoft. The game had a total of 11 partnerships as listed on their site and the rest of the partners include Paernes, Immutable x, brightnode, GSR, Rl, Aws, Crowdcreate, and Chainlink.

The team behind the game

The parent company of the Undeads is Whimsy Games, a game development company that has been in existence for over seven years with over 200 completed projects. The company unites more than 80 seasoned professionals from all over the world. It is therefore no wonder that for the Undeads game, there were over 60 international talents from 8 different countries. The head of the project was the former PayPal chief executive, Leo Khan with the Chief Marketing Officer being Ash Hodgetts.

Undeads game: the future or a suture in the metaverse

Undeads is a blend of traditional gameplay, coupled with some feature-rich highlights. It is quite balanced, fun, fine-tuned, and properly tested. The project head, Leo Khan also mentioned that Undeads is “committed to pushing the boundaries and leading the charge in the evolution of Web3 gaming”. The game is said to launch on the 23rd of February 2023. It has been in production for over a year with over $5 million in investment.  The minimum entry for participation in the seed round is 100,000 USDT. Until the launch, there is no definitive way of determining the change this game can cause to Web3 gaming and the Metaverse. 


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