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Radiant Capital brings Chainlink Price Feeds to its platform



Radiant Capital, a decentralized AMM  platform, has announced its integration with price feeds from Chainlink. This will grant Radiant Capital platform users access to trusted, secured, high-quality, tamper-proof price feeds for knowing the right value of assets on the market.

Radiant Capital is developing an omnichain money market on Arbitrum and the LayerZero protocol. Users of the platform can deposit and borrow crypto assets across several chains on the money market. Thus, users can deposit WBTC on Arbitrum, borrow and bridge USDC on Ethereum. 

For lenders, rewards are given for the liquidity they provide in the platform. According to Radiant Capital, the platform will expand into the BNB Chain at the launch of version 2.

Chainlink is a multichain system that connects several Web3 protocols to reliable sources of data. It provides an enabling structure for cross-chain communication and integration of blockchain assets such as utilities and services with traditional industries and businesses.

Previous integration with USD-based Chainlink 

Radiant Capital explained that prior to integrating the full oracle of Chainlink, its market platform used the USD-based Chainlink Price Feeds on Abitrum on transactions connected to BTC, DAI, ETH, USDC, USDT, and BNB. However, “we decided to integrate the industry-leading oracle network because it has a proven track record of helping secure tens of billions worth of value across DeFi”. 

In turn, the integration assures users of the services they have access to in the Radiant Capital market, the team added. Roger Filigree, CMO of Radiant Capital, explained that having access to accurate data is important to build decentralized money markets. “Integrating Chainlink Price Feeds helps ensure that our protocol remains secure, scalable, and decentralized.”

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