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St. Maarten’s lawmaker pushes for TRON’s adoption as legal tender



The government of St. Maarten, an island in the eastern Caribbean, is considering formally adopting TRON. This follows a proposal by Rolando Brison, a member of parliament, to make the TRON protocol the nation’s blockchain infrastructure and the TRON-based cryptocurrency legal tender for everyday use.


Brison, the head of the United People’s Party and 2nd Vice Chairman of St. Maarten’s Parliament, has been outspoken about the potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies for the local populace and economy. MP Rolando Brison first gained attention in the blockchain space when he announced that he wanted his entire salary to be paid in bitcoin cash.” Brison has long supported St. Maarten’s designation as the “Crypto Capital of the Caribbean” and has long been an enthusiast for blockchain technology.


The Saint Martin News Network (SMN-N) reported on MP Brison’s plans to introduce legislation that would make TRON and other cryptocurrencies built on the TRON platform a formal part of St. Maarten’s local commerce and economic infrastructure on January 23, 2023. According to SMN-N, MP Brison is not trying to “reinvent the wheel”, but rather wants to follow the example set by Dominica, St. Maarten’s southern neighbor. 


The Caribbean and Crypto

The Commonwealth of Dominica approved seven TRON-based cryptocurrencies as legal money and formally designated TRON as its national blockchain in October 2022. According to SMN-N, Brison is currently attempting to translate “the law in a manner that matches our Dutch legal system and local economy.”


Expanding on his position as reported by SMN-N, Brison explains that the ECCB Act provides a strong regulatory framework that prioritizes protecting consumers and the economy while also ensuring that oversight of virtual assets does not get out of hand without limiting the sector’s growth potential. 


Reason for Brison’s Crypto Advocacy

Given that crypto is unregulated by the Central Bank of Curacao and St. Maarten, Brison advises that it is time for the country to take proactive measures because it is very risky for cryptocurrencies to operate in the country without being controlled.


Brison further asserts that he will use his “right of initiative to bring this law with TRON Protocol at the forefront, with possibilities later for other blockchains to be incorporated; this too can be done in line with other countries like St. Kitts, who I know, are also working on their legal tender legislation.” 


In accordance with the constitutional prerogative of MPs to introduce laws, Brison will formally participate in St. Maarten’s legislative process in the following weeks with the expectation that official adoption will occur soon.


The TRON ecosystem aims to provide stable currency and decentralized financial services to every person in the world. Brison believes that working with TRON will link the island’s economy to one of the blockchain ecosystems that is growing exponentially, making St. Maarten more appealing to both innovative business people and tourists.


The founder of TRON, H.E. Justin Sun commented on this milestone via a tweet describing it as a landmark that commemorates the blockchain’s achievement towards worldwide blockchain adoption. 

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