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Alibaba Cloud launches scholarship and community for Web3 and AI Devs



Alibaba Cloud announced the opening of its first developers’ community focused on advancing the development of talents in the digital economy. The Apsara Developer Community will provide essential tools for developers to learn about Web3, AI, and other aspects of the tech world.

According to the Vice President of the company, Selina Yuan, the community, which is an integral part of Alibaba Cloud, will enhance collective growth between the company and the developers through the provision of “the latest technologies, ecosystem resources and business collaboration opportunities”.

Alongside the unveiling of the Apsara Developer Community are PolarDB Global Hackathon 2023 and Alibaba SMART Scholarship. The PolarDB Global Hackathon opens developers to opportunities for the exploration of cloud-native database innovations. Interested developers can submit their projects from now till February 28, 2023, from which winners can win a total of US$30,000 in cash prizes.

The scholarship program, Alibaba SMART Scholarship, is focused on helping students join the developer community with cloud-based technologies. Alibaba Cloud explained that for the first year of the scholarship, 20 interns from several universities will be accepted to join Alibaba Cloud’s local offices.

The rise of superapps

Raymond Xiao who is the Head of International Industry Solutions and Architecture at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence noted that the company is supporting the development of superapps to make it easier for upcoming developers to lead the next tech revolution.

“We can co-create more innovative technologies and solutions together with our developers, boosting further growth of the developer community,” he added.

Superapps are mobile or web applications via which users can make payments, run financial transactions, and access other services that are related to communication, e-commerce and personal life. An example includes Alipay, WeChat, and Grab.

In view of this, Alibaba Cloud launched a solution that works with its Enterprise Mobile Application Studio, to make the development of superapps easier.

The company that has more than 30,000 contributors on its network has shown more interest in the furtherance of Web3 development. Last year, Alibaba partnered with Avalanche, a blockchain company, to host nodes on its cloud platform.

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