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The World Of Crypto and Remote Work

By Content Team, CBC.



Blockchain jobs are changing the world and disrupting how organisations function. This is because the majority of blockchain jobs are remote, meaning that a person can work from anywhere. Regardless of its many benefits, working remotely has its own setbacks too. Working remotely can sometimes mean working round the clock as there is really no stipulated time to come into the office or leave. This can lead to prolonged working hours. Another challenge of working remotely is isolation. There are no work colleagues around, and no coffee breaks with co-workers. Therefore, working remotely can be somewhat boring.

Benefits of working remotely

The advantages of remote or flexible working are obvious. Although the concept is not new, there is now technology that will make it much simpler. The following are some benefits associated with working remotely:

  • There is more flexibility when you work from home.
  • Better work-life balance.
  • Working remotely reduces the need for office space.
  • Reduced need for staff turnover
  • There is more comfort and higher productivity as a result of working from home.
  • Better autonomy.
  • Less commuting time and expenses.

Top 10 crypto roles that require you to work remotely

  1. Web developer
  2. Data Analyst
  3. Research Analyst
  4. Freelance Crypto Writer
  5. Machine Learning Engineer
  6. VOC(voice of client) Analyst
  7. Financial Analyst
  8. Client Engagement Verification Specialist(APAC)
  9. Product Designer
  10. Community Development and Monitoring Specialist

How to land a high-paying remote job in the crypto industry

  1. Acquire necessary skills: This is a surefire way to get a well-paying remote job. Employers pay attention to the skill sets on your resume before hiring, as they won’t be present to supervise your work. So they want to be sure that your skills are sufficient for the role you are applying to. A great place to learn or brush up on in-demand technical and non-technical skills required in the crypto industry is BOOTCAMP 3.0. Learn from industry experts and be on your way to landing your first crypto job. Some of the skills you will be learning are; Social Media Marketing and Management, Content Writing, Community Management, Data Analysis, Copywriting, Content and Digital Marketing, and many others.
  1. Immerse yourself in learning about the industry: anyone who wants to get a job in crypto must be willing to learn, unlearn and relearn. The crypto industry is vast and therefore needs people who have an insatiable desire for knowledge, who can study and research. 
  1. Get accustomed to crypto lingo: to make sense of what is said in the crypto space, you will need to get familiar with the terms used. There are many other things to learn such as trading digital assets, and actively reading and following up with the news and the latest happenings in the ecosystem. 
  1. Networking: this is a very important aspect of being a crypto enthusiast. Joining communities like Crypto Bootcamp Community will help you meet new people, and find out about new happenings, projects, and opportunities. Attending Meetups, Tech Conferences and Conventions is a great way to broaden your network and relate directly with senior leaders and industry experts. Most events, big or small, can be found on Eventbrite.

BOOTCAMP 3.0 – Land your first crypto job with the right skills

BOOTCAMP 3.0, an online training hosted by the Crypto Bootcamp Community and Yellow Card, is presenting an opportunity for individuals to learn more about crypto jobs. 

The 10-day event will take place from Monday 21st – Wednesday 30th 2022. With future-proof courses and industry experts to walk you through applicable skills, BOOTCAMP 3.0 is well-positioned to help you scale up your Crypto Career. 

This 3rd edition is sponsored by Yellow Card alongside media and ecosystem partners like CryptoTvplus, Blockbuild, Lightblocks, SiBAN, Convexity, TradeFada, BlockchainHub Africa, TalentBase, Crypto Ladies League, Bitbarter, Crypto Masterclass, The Palm Academy, Ironside Academy, Jomex and others. 

Themed “SKILL UP FOR CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN BLOCKCHAIN”, BOOTCAMP 3.0 is designed to give individuals a robust learning experience with a range of future-proof Web3, Crypto and Blockchain courses.

This is the best time to prepare yourself for the best crypto jobs. The drill will be worth it. Register Here.

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