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How Wyre is helping Web3 Devs build efficient dApps



Wyre is one of the most regulated crypto payment platforms globally, with a user base of over 15 million. During a presentation at the Breakpoint event, Jamal Raees, Wyre explained that while Wyre is the first on-ramp for products like MetaMask,, Ledger, and Light Nation, there are plans to help devs build dApps without challenges.

She also shared Wyre’s products that are focused on users and developers: Crypto Checkout Solution and Wyre API tool. The former is a fiat on-ramp where users can buy crypto using debit cards, credit cards, or PayPal, while Cash processing will be added soon.

Why devs need Wyre API 

The second product, the Wyre API tool for developers, was created to help developers create their dApps without worrying about integrating payments and licences, Jamal noted

It has multiple payment APIs, which is essential for devs because they are the future of Web3 that will help onboard the next 1 billion users. “We want to give them an incredible tool” so they don’t worry about regulations, he said.

Jamal added that the license in Europe and the US is the edge Wyre is using to offer devs leverage that cancels challenges around fraud, liquidity, and connecting with several APIs. 

Upcoming developments

Furthermore, he announced that Wyre, with a payment processing value of $10 billion, wants to integrate Sol tokens, USDC, and Kin tokens via Solana. 

Smart ramp, an on-ramp service integrated with smart contracts using metadata, is also coming into Wyre, Jamal revealed. This will allow users on Wyre to stake crypto assets on platforms like Uniswap directly from their bank account.

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