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Telegram launches usernames auction marketplace, Fragment



Social media giant, Telegram, has launched a marketplace, Fragment. Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, shared the news on his Telegram Channel. Fragment will allow users to buy dedicated Telegram usernames. 

This update is coming in as a fulfilled projection of what Pavel said in August after the successful auctioning of .TON names such as Wallet.ton (sold for 215,250 Toncoin, ~$260,000 at that time) and casino.ton (sold for ~$244,000 at that time). “If TON has been able to achieve these results,” the CEO explained in August, then Telegram can do the same and be successful with its 700 million users. 

Auctions are live on Fragment, as users can place bids for different usernames they want to buy. “In a few days, we will also introduce the ability for users to sell their existing usernames on Fragment,” Pavel said.

Speaking further about the development, Pavel explained that social media services are being altered for the first time in history where “a fair, transparent market for usernames is established” for users. This will give back ownership to users “over their social media addresses, secured in the immutable ledger of a decentralized blockchain network.”

Architecture of Fragment 

Fragment is a free platform built on the TON blockchain where users can buy and sell collectibles. These collectibles are digital assets that are developed and stored on the public TON blockchain.

Users who want to access the platform need to create a wallet by installing the Tonkeeper app, deposit funds into the wallet (TON tokens), connect their Telegram account and the Tonkeeper app to Fragment, and bid for collectibles.

Telegram is one social media platform that has shown an affinity for the blockchain and its features by first developing the TON blockchain in 2018. “This is just the beginning, and yet an important milestone – the power has started to shift into users’ hands,” Pavel said about Fragment.

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