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10 NFT jobs and how to apply



The emergence of Web3 technologies has created a new industry that requires a new class of talent. A report by OKX shows that the total global blockchain talent grew 76% year on year as the U.S., India, and China remained the top three destinations for blockchain talent.

As the demand for blockchain talent is skyrocketing, NFTs in particular are becoming popular as more use cases come out. This is also creating newer job opportunities where unique skills are needed.

These opportunities or openings will be shared in this article. If you’re interested in any, you can see how to apply as well.

1. NFT Smart Contract Developer

A smart contract developer is a skilled professional who understands what Smart Contracts are, can write, and can deploy the technology for any blockchain-based project including NFTs. NFTs require smart contracts so that they can self-execute when certain requirements are achieved. To become a smart contract developer, it’s important to know solidity and other blockchain programming languages like rust. Salary can be up to $160,000 yearly.

2. Web Developer for NFT 

Any tech project without a website is similar to a physical store without a location. Web developers plan, and create the website that will host the NFT project from where anyone can buy the project or connect with the team.

The website stands as the face of any NFT project. Treating it as such is vital. While knowing how to code websites from scratch is good, there are tools like the WordPress SDK that are handier. However, there will be a need for some technical additions because of new Web3 needs like Wallet integration and on-chain tracking. Salary can be up to $150,000 yearly.

3. Senior Legal Counsel

The concept of Web3 and NFT is still not known by so many. One challenge about projects linked to a blockchain is the legalities. From copyright design to trademark restrictions and compensation in the case of a loss, legal professionals are becoming highly sought after to help solve such problems.

To become the legal counsel for an NFT project, good knowledge of how blockchain functions is important with a focus on smart contracts, copyright laws in Web3, the composition, and business use cases of NFT. A good insight into how national boundaries view technology is of great importance. Legal counsel can be paid up to $140,000 yearly.

4. Marketing Manager

Marketing Managers are responsible for planning, implementing, and executing strategic marketing plans for NFT projects and startups. This is done to attract potential customers and sustain existing ones. 

Marketing managers don’t work alone as they collaborate with social media managers to craft compelling messages that will be sent out on social media platforms. Salary is up $125,000 yearly.

5. Collabs Manager

Collaboration Managers are tasked with the responsibility to create collaboration with other high-profile NFT teams and projects. They plan and reach out to NFT projects and Alpha groups to create partnerships. 

This can include talking with admins of the community as well as star community members of certain projects who can be influencers.

Good knowledge of NFT and Web3, and the process of managing an NFT community are very important. Salary is up to $60,000 yearly or it can be a contract-based responsibility.

6. Social Media Manager

The Social Media Manager, or Community Manager, is responsible for all company’s interactions with the public by using content strategies deployed on relevant social media platforms. 

A breakdown will include analyzing engagement data, identifying trends in customer interactions, and planning digital ads for products. Salary can be up to $117,000 yearly.

7. NFT Analyst

NFT analysts are tasked with carrying out research on several subjects in the blockchain industry with a focus on NFTs. This research will produce insights and forecasts of projects that can be used for making decisions like investments, risk management, and more.

NFT Analyst also helps in terms of tokenomics of NFT projects. They analyze and give recommendations on how to design and implement the tokenomics of NFTs. In-depth knowledge of how the crypto market functions are very important. Salaries for NFT Analysts can get up to $60,000.

8. Graphic Designers/Artists

Graphic designers or artists are at the foundation of NFT projects. Since most NFT projects are in images, artists are needed to create useful graphic imagery that connects to the market and communicates the vision of the project.

Graphic designers or artists will be required to know how to use tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Coreldraw, and other software to curate the image. Rendering software is important to produce a well-finished image. Salary is up to $80,000 yearly.

9. Discord Community Manager

Discord as a platform has become one of the most important tools needed in Web3. For NFT projects, having a community, especially one on discord is very important. 

A Discord community manager designs the rules, procedures, and activities that will be carried out in the community. They are done in line with the vision of the project to make community members comfortable as well as track fraudulent actors in the discord community. They make sure that the voices of the community members are heard. Discord managers can receive up to $61,000 annually.

10. Discord Community Moderator

While the Discord Community manager plans put all strategies for the community, the moderator implements them. Thus, to be a Discord community moderator it’s important to know how discord functions, how to interact with people while showing respect for individual views, and understand what the NFT project is about as well as the proposition. Moderators are the foot soldiers of NFT projects. Salary is up to $50,000 yearly.

Apart from these ten jobs, one can also be a video creator, researcher, social media manager, creative copywriter, content creator, and meme creator. The field is still evolving. NFTs will require more advanced skills as the technology grows.

To apply, it’s important to know about blockchain and NFTs, and have the right skills as explained for each role. Then, you can proceed to sites like these: Remote3, and

Another method to apply for these jobs is to reach out to HR personnel of these firms via their communities on Discord or Telegram or LinkedIn. Having something to show as proof of previous experience will be very helpful.

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