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Where and How to Buy Dogechain



Dogechain is an EVM-compatible blockchain built to create an efficient link between the meme token Dogecoin and the new evolution of the internet, Web3. Developers on Ethereum and EVM blockchains can maximize the EVM-compatible features of Dogechain to deploy new or existing applications without a change in the primary code or having to use a new programming language. Dogechain runs a Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm, offering scalable, fast, and cost-efficient blockchain to the crypto community and DOGE holders. It is a network designed exclusively to explore other use cases for DOGE other than the existing applications while maintaining the core features of the DOGE community.

Dogechain was launched in August 2022 and developed using Polygon SDK. The design system of the Dogechain is set up so that DOGE holders can port their DOGE into another blockchain and access more possibilities and opportunities using their DOGE. DOGE is at the core of the Dogechain economic system and offers a platform for building decentralized applications like DeFi, GameFi, NFT platforms, and other innovative products in that category.

Dogechain has a semblance with the DOGE theme (dog and witty atmosphere) and aims to maintain the bar on DOGE’s community. Through the Dogechain token airdrop to DOGE holders, Dogechain will offer a minimal entry barrier and keep up with being fun and generous, giving community engagement to the early adopters.

Two Tokens on Dogechain

Dogechain has two tokens, the wrapped DOGE (WDOGE) and Dogechain (DC). Dogechain (DC) is the second currency of the Dogechain ecosystem that will serve as a utility for incentives; all staking and governance incentives on the platform will be in Dogechain (DC). Wrapped DOGE (WDOGE) is used for gas on the chain.

Where to Buy Dogechain

Dogechain can be bought on the official Dogechain website by connecting Metamask or Clover wallet and on exchanges that have listed the Dogechain token (WDOGE and DC) for trading. The wallets supporting the Dogechain network currently are only MetaMask and Clover wallets. Metamask is an Ethereum-based wallet that allows for the sending and receiving of cryptocurrencies and NFTs across two blockchains. Clover is a DeFi marketplace that provides a cross-chain DeFi bridge and a port into the DeFi space. Intending users can visit the Dogechain bridge and automatically add Dogechain to their MetaMask Chrome extension or Clover.

Metamask has a mobile wallet (iOS and Android) and a chrome extension wallet (desktop) version.

How to manually add Dogechain to Metamask wallet on Android

Step one: Download Metamask from the App Store or goto the website and set up the wallet. Write down your recovery phrase and keep away from third party

Step two: click on the hamburger icon at the top left of the page

Step three: Click on settings, and select Networks

Step three: click on the ‘Add Network button’, select ‘Custom Networks and fill in the Dogechain details:

Network Name: Dogechain
ChainID: 2000
Symbol: WDOGE

Step four: preview the details and click on the ‘Add’ button.

How to Bridge and Buy Dogechain Using Clover or Metamask

Dogechain allows bridging DOGE to get Dogechain-based DOGE tokens. Bridging your DOGE tokens to get Dogechain tokens and use them for transactions on the Dogechain network:

  • Visit the Dogechain bridging platform. Click on ‘Connect wallet’ (connect your metamask or clover wallet) and choose your preferred route for the transaction.
  • Set the route from Dogecoin to Dogechain.
  • Click ‘Confirm’ to preview the DOGE transfer address. Deposit the amount of DOGE to bridge to the address provided.
  • The protocol will mint the corresponding DOGE after six network confirmations. Once the transfer is completed, the platform will send the tokens to your EVM Dogechain wallet.

Ensure to send not less than 100 DOGE to the DOGE address provided.

Dogechain (DC) and Wrapped DOGE are currently traded on several exchanges such as UniSwap (V2), UniSwap (V3), MEXC Global, KuCoin, RadioShack, KibbleSwap, Yodeswap, and DogeSwap, etc.

Final Thoughts

It should be noted that the Dogechain network and its technology are still in their early development stages. It should also be known that the Dogechain isn’t an official product from the DOGE Foundation, and users should do due diligence before investing into Dogechain assets.

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