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What You Need  To Know About ChainPerk




ChainPerk is a trip guidance platform founded by Vince Mastwijik. ChainPerk is geared to guide people to have remarkable experiences around the world by helping them to find the right restaurants, great places, and experiences. To make this very possible, ChainPerk makes use of the fundamentals of apps such as Tripadvisor, Yelp and Google.


Linking with Blockchain technology, ChainPerk has its token, Metaverse game and NFTs. ChainPerk has also come to provide a lasting unassailable solution to the challenge of fake reviews that other platforms are struggling with.


ChainPerk’s native token is PERK. PERK tokens will be used to fuel the ecosystem’s review and referral programs, and activate premium services and staking. Other utilities will keep coming into the ecosystem. To leave a review, ChainPerk users must possess a minimum of 10,000 PERK tokens.


Revenue streams include NFT marketplace, restaurant and experience bookings, premium services and affiliate partnerships. However, all the generated revenue will be invested to buy back and burn tokens from the market. This is called the buyback program. This program is aimed at reducing the total amount of tokens in circulation by burning them. This causes scarcity and leads to an increase in the value of the token. This is slated to go on for 20 years.


To earn on ChainPerk, the possession of PERK tokens and NFT gives the opportunity to become the “mayor of your city.” With this status, you can refer users that review their experiences from this, you earn your reward and grow passive income by “levelling your city.”


The referral reward is a marketing strategy set to influence the growth of the ecosystem.  ChainPerk has also incentivized its adoption. To make this possible, a monthly reward pool has been put in place to reward users who review their experiences.

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Tokenomics And Allocation

At the time of this writing, PERK has an initial market cap of $66,000 with a total max supply of tokens. Its initial circulating supply is 5.500.000 tokens with a hard cap of $1.996.000 and fixed monthly inflation of 2.916.667 tokens for 20 years. PERK’s Token Generation Event (TGE) sold supply is 238.000.000 with 11.90% total at Token Generation Event (TGE).

In addition, 50% of the token goes into the reward program (20 years) while 20% will be sold in a private sale and 8% will be sold in a public sale. Also, 15.6% of PERK tokens go to the platform cost and development program (20 years), 5% to the founding team and employees program and the remaining 1.4% to bounties.


ChainPerk has partnered with Spidersilk Capital, Moonwhale, SolrDAO, Krypto Playboy Capital, Zelwin finance, BrandPad, Kommunitas, Seedbox, Cardence, and IOTEXPAD. There is also a smart contract audit and team KYC certification for ChainPerk by CertiK.  

PERK’s initial coin offering (ICO) took place between the 18th of June 2022 to the 19th of June 2022 and is now available on Kommunitas.  


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