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TON Foundation Launches .ton Domain Names



The Open Network (TON) Foundation has launched .ton domain names as a service. Users will have the first .ton domain for auction on July 30.

In Web2, we used domain names with .com, .us, .au, .uk, and others. As we entered the era of crypto and blockchain, new systems had to be created to link domain names into the structure of blockchain.

And so services for crypto-based domains came up like .eth, .crypto, .nft, .x, .wallet, .bitcoin, .dao, and more. The foundation of this is the Ethereum Name Service (ENS). With Ethereum Name Service (ENS), users have access to “a distributed, open, and Ethereum-based dApp that offers a new naming system in which crypto users can convert their long alphanumeric wallet address into a human-readable format,” says Coinmonk. 

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TON, Telegram, and the Advantages of ENS

The Open Network formerly known as Telegram Open Network is a blockchain-based network being developed by the Telegram team. However, in May 2020, the team withdrew from it because of a lawsuit with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. In August 2021, the Telegram team transferred the domain controllers to the TON Foundation which has taken more steps to see the network grow.

Before the launch of this TON DNS, there has been some development around integrating TON blockchain with mobile and wallet Telegram bots. This was done to make it easier for people to be paid on the Telegram platform with the crypto asset, TON tokens.

A few advantages of the TON ENS development are that users will not need separate addresses for different cryptocurrencies; accessing the TON blockchain has become simplified; there will be no need to type a long string of letters and numbers to access a website; integration with Tonkeeper, TON Web Wallet and Tonscan.

According to the announcement, proceeds from the sales of each domain will be burnt so that it’s out of circulation.

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