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BTC Gains More Momentum Than Gold To The Ends of the Earth



In the wake of BTC making a worldwide wave in reputation and adoption, some bitcoin merchants trade per dip and rise, and other BTC holdlers among other bitcoin merchants plan to hold their BTC holdings for more than 3 years. Zooming down to Australia, a crypto trade platform in Melbourne, BTC Markets, has revealed that BTC, the digital gold, now has more acceptance, reputation and adoption than God’s money, Gold. Investors based in Australia appear to be more drawn to bitcoin than gold.

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According to a report by Motley Fool, BTC Market did a recent survey of two thousand merchants in Australia and discovered that about 12.6% now invest in crypto showing a comparison between this and the 12.1% of investors that stash money in gold.

It was revealed that 1:3 crypto merchants launched into the crypto investment space first in March 2020 when the popular investment market, the stock market dipped at the start of the pandemic year.

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From the findings, more than a fourth of the investors plan to hold BTC for at least more than 3 years. According to Sydney Morning Herald, Caroline Bowler who is the Managing Director of the leading crypto exchange, BTC Markets highlighted that at the beginning of the year 2020 and most of 2020, BTC investors were majorly from the ages 24-45. 

She continued that at the moment, most crypto investors are high profile and net worth investors, institutional investors, retired pensioners and the likes. It appears that one-quarter of crypto merchants in Australia have remunerations ranging from $AUS 100,000 ($79,000) per annum.

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