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Research into the deadly disease called cancer just got evolved as the American Cancer Society (ACS) has released a crypto fund to advance research into how to combat the disease.

With an earmarked fundraising projection of $1 million, the NGO collaborated with an extant crypto donations forum known as the Giving Block to birth the fund according to the NGO’s announcement on Tuesday the 26th of January, 2021.

The plan is to utilize the cryptocurrencies pooled through the Crypto Cancer Fund to advance the Nonprofit’s study and research into the root and end of cancer.


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It appears that the first individual to stash in $250,000 or more will have the privilege of naming the crypto cancer fund after whatever he deems fit, say a relative or even himself or herself.

The initiative has incorporated incentives to the effect that should a person stash in $10,000 or more than that, the person will be  celebrated on the organization’s fund’s “Wall of Honor.”

At the moment, donations in zcash (ZEC, -6.8%), bitcoin (BTC, -3.1%),  ether (ETH, -1.96%), chainlink (LINK, -4.43%), bitcoin cash (BCH, -8.14%), litecoin (LTC, -6.57%), gemini dollar, and even basic attention token (BAT, -0.93%), are flowing into the Crypto cancer fund.

Pat Duffy, the Giving Block’s Cofounder notes:

“I believe cryptocurrency will play a pivotal role in curing cancer,” 

He continued that:

“With Bitcoin hitting a new all-time high, the creation of this new fund opens the door for the booming crypto market to save lives.”


What do you think? Do you believe that BTC will play a key role in curing cancer and why? Let us roll in the comment section…

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