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Although BTC plunged temporarily for a few days. The bulls now have it their way as the “digital gold” reached a new all time high of $35k on Thursday the 5th of January 2021. This time the value of the leading currency is scaling relentlessly.

BTC had risen by 12% on Tuesday eclipsing the prior ATH of $34,544.94 it pierced on Sunday the 3rd of January, 2021. 

The coin is currently $34,988 at press time translating to over 12 Million Naira.

Cryptoquant’s CEO, Ki Young Ju tweeted how he perceived that traders were “uncertain” and “scared” regarding where the market was going next.

For others, with this new ATH, it is obvious that the only way forward is up for the leading currency. 

Matt Kaye, the Managing Partner at Blockhead Capital which is headquartered at Santa Monica notes that with the present status quo, it is easy to predict where the coin is going next. “It’s rather simple I think …there are more spot buyers than spot sellers going into a year that is likely going to transform US fiscal policy for the next decade.”

Just this January, BTC has scaled by 20% after going over by 300% in the preceding year.

Please Note:

This article is strictly for information purposes and not a piece of trading or investment advice. Should you want to trade or invest in Crypto, which is a volatile asset, please conduct your own personal due diligence- having in mind your risk appetite.

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