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Bitcoin Achieves A New All Time High at $30k+



BTC to Scale Higher Than $27K as Less BTC Whales Have BTC to Sell (cryptotvplus)

Bitcoin has again set a new price record. The leading cryptocurrency has reached an all-time high of $30,000 as the year opens.

Bitcoin previous all-time high as at the close of 2020 was $29,000+ and it has just added some couple of hundreds of dollars to reached its high today.

The continuous upward price movement could be traced to the institutional buying pressure on bitcoin.

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This day will go one to be remarkable especially when compared with the opening week of the next year after the previous bitcoin (crypto) bull run.

While everyone who bought bitcoin prior today are in profit, in the last bull run, as at today, bitcoin buyers were in losses as a result of the dump and eventual bull run.

Will the bull run continue to take the market price of bitcoin upward or a consolidation is imminent?

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