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Watch the Latest Edition of Inside Blockchain – Obinna Iwuno’s Growth Agenda for SiBAN as the GEN. SEC.



This Monday Iwuno Obinna we had join us on the program to discuss his growth agenda for SiBAN as the newly elected General Secretary.

Quotes from the session

I’m optimistic this administration will do a better job in crypto education.” – Obinna Iwuno


“We’re reaching out to regulators and other bodies, in order to achieve our goals.”- Obinna Iwuno

“The secretariat needs the most capable hand to run and and we want to make members of SiBAN feel as one.”- Obinna Iwuno
“SiBAN is a community of communities.”- Obinna Iwuno

“We want to run a collaborative and inclusive government such that everyone has the opportunity to express themselves and grow.”- Obinna Iwuno


You can watch the session here

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