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Millionaire CryptoInvestor, 19-Year-Old Rostislav Solod Becomes the Youngest Legislator in the Ukrainian Parliament



Legislators, Yuri Solod and Natalia Korolevska‘s son, Rostislav Solod, raises the bar by becoming the youngest legislator at the age of 19 in Kramatorsk, Ukraine. He also stands as a crypto millionaire. Young Solod who holds $24.5 million worth of crypto (185,000 monero) recently entered into the crypto space once he concluded his studies. He disclosed this in compliance with the mandatory declaration of assets that parliament members are to undergo.

He revealed how since he got interested in the crypto space in 2014, he had never really fancied BTC. He had been drawn to the privacy and anonymity perks that Monero (XMR) offers. To top this, the black market always demands for its supply.

It appears that the young Solod “never really liked school,” He delved into crypto and the financial markets as an alternative to standardized and formal school.

When talking about the mainstream adoption of crypto, Ukraine stands as the country with the largest number of  crypto adoption rates. The country is now set to pass its first legislation regulating crypto.

Solod notes:

“For me, as an entrepreneur and a young guy, this is bad: I used to see crypto as an island in the ocean, untouched by a sinful hand. An absolutely free zone where everyone can do anything. But as a politician, I understand that this law will bring money into the [Ukraine’s] budget.”

In compliance with the AML/CFT provisions in Ukraine, young Solod will not be able to enjoy Monero’s privacy option anymore as a person in his office must give full disclosure of his assets. He plans to liquidate the digital assets in the nearest future and invest in a business venture.

Primarily, he is looking into releasing his own crypto.

“Elections and the political career distracted me from these plans for a while,” he said. 

It appears that politics runs in his family as this has been a major driver for his entering into politics.

 He explained that:

 “I was interested to figure out why the country isn’t developing. I really want to change the situation with corruption. The old methods to prevent it aren’t working anymore.”

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