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BTC Scales Over $25k as Institutional Investors Endorse the Leading Currency



The leading currency has beat its own all time high of $24,000 by hitting a record high of $25,000. The digital gold scaled to $25,000 on the night of Christmas, the 25th of December 2020. The premier crypto is now pegged at 25,829.94 United States Dollars as at press time. This translates to about 9,846,373.03 Naira per BTC. It has since been dangling within the $25,669.62 and $25,914.46 bracket. It appears that the value of BTC may hit $26K and, to be optimistic, even head for $26,500 before the year runs out.

BTC has doubled and even tripled in the year 2020, making BTC investors smile to their digital wallets with tripled profits, all things being equal. The premier BTC has since scaled by over 250% since inception.

Since a number of institutional investors including insurance companies, banks and even pension institutions like MassMutual, Guggenheim, and Scaramucci’s Skybridge Capital etc. started endorsing and stashing monies in the crypto, the crypto dramatically grew a life of its own and drastically scaled in value.

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