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Robert Kiyosaki predicts Bitcoin crash, says U.S is Bankrupt



The author of popular book; “Rich dad Poor dad”, Robert Kiyosaki has again praised Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency by market cap. He has often advised investors to acquire the digital asset since the first quarter of 2020. Around July, the author referred to the digital asset as “the new way of investing in the future” while in an interview with Anthony Pompliano. Around August, he advised his audience on twitter to buy the digital asset before “a major banking crisis” as reported by 

Kiyosaki pulls another campaign on Bitcoin via his twitter handle @theRealKiyosaki when he gave a prediction about Bitcoin crashing when a vaccine for the COVID-19 pandemic is ready. According to him the vaccine would have an impact on the prices of Bitcoin, gold and silver; drop in price will be a great buying opportunity for investors. He also stated that U.S is bankrupt with over twenty-seven trillion national debt;

“What happens when vaccine is proven? Gold silver Bitcoin will CRASH. Buying opportunity. Real problem NOT pandemic. Real problem massive US debt. US Bankrupt. $28T balance sheet debt. $120T off balance sheet social obligations. Gold Silver Bitcoin best investments for long term.” – @theRealKiyosaki

Bitcoin’s resilience through the backlash of the COVID-19 pandemic made it earn the praise of people like Robert Kiyosaki. The digital asset gained strength and attained the level of a “long-term investment” even though it reached its all-time low earlier this year. 

Gold is another asset that attracted investors’ attention this year. Billionaire and investor, Warren Buffet changed his opinion and took back his words at gold recently after the physical asset reached a potential high in August. He has been buying gold stocks and acquiring gold.

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