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Pornhub Now Accepts Bitcoin and Litecoin



Adult Content Provider, Pornhub announced it now accepts Bitcoin and Litecoin as payment for its premium offerings. 

Pornhub is the leading provider of adult content on the internet and it controls a large market share of the adult traffic. It saw a spike in web traffic owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The adult content provider in 2019 experienced a problem with its payout owing to a sudden discontinuation of its service by PayPal. It also had added privacy coin Verge $XVG to help facilitate ease in payments. 

Speaking on the addition of Bitcoin and Litecoin as payment methods, Pornhub’s vice president Corey Price said in the press release:

As a leader in adult content with over 130 million visitors per day, Pornhub is excited to now offer two widely-used and leading digital currencies for our users. Our team continues to pave the way for tech development, testing and implementing new technology for everyday consumers far ahead of the mainstream market.”

With many people still oblivious of the importance and relevance of cryptocurrency in the world today, cryptocurrencies are slowly growing in adoption as multiple businesses are beginning to accept it. 

In January, 2020, Pornhub also added the Tron-based USDT as payout method.

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