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Understanding The Proof of Stake Consensus Algorithm



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What we intend to achieve with this podcast is to help you make sense of the blockchain industry and how this amazing technology is redefining work, setting new paradigm shifts in businesses and helping to reshape societal interaction. I bring you Inside Blockchain Podcast, the most intellectual source of discuss with industry leaders and enthusiasts.

On this episode. We will be discussing one of the consensus models, which is the proof of stake and my guest joining me all the way from Kenya is Felix Macharia. He has three years of experience in blockchain supervising, blockchain education, research and development for EOS Nairobi. He is also an infrastructure provider for the EOS blockchain protocol and EOS sister chains. Felix also works for the Africa digital assets Foundation where he is charged with strategy and Community Development for the Consortium of blockchain companies looking to build businesses on this new technology.

Disclaimer: All opinions shared by our guests on this podcast are exclusively their own opinions. They do not suggest Investments recommendations of their companies neither should you take this information as an investment advice as you are solely responsible for your own Investments.

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1 Comment

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