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Cyber Security and Blockchain Conference (CYBERCHAIN2019)



“In 2019, the two main targets for cyber-attackers have been the cloud and user devices. Operating systems on user devices provide more functionality than ever before, making them more vulnerable and an easy target for attackers. At the same time, users will expect more flexibility and the ability to work with any OS, any application, and on any device. As organizations look to provide security, privacy, and productivity, they will have to shift to a new, ‘zero trust’ device architecture”—Tal Zamir, CEO, Hysolate

That is why the Cyberchain2019 conference is coming to you at the right time. This year 2019, the conference has been upgraded to “CyberChain” in other to better accommodate experts and enthusiasts from around the world in both ecosystems.

You will have first hand experience of various Cybersecurity concepts, applications and solutions as well as exposure to multiple Blockchain developments and use cases. You will also learn about Smart Contracts and Cryptocurrencies.

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