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KuBitX Calls For Free Online Training on Blockchain & Decentralized Finance Usage to Stop COVID-19



The first quarter of this year has met with a very disturbing global pandemic COVID-19 which was first cited in Wuhan China and has so far taken more than 11000 lives and hundreds of thousands affected globally.

The effect is so enormous, grinding almost everything to a halt with several Central banks cutting interest rates,giving stimulus packages due to the plunging of the financial systems caused by the fear and reaction of the world towards the pandemic.

KuBitX, being at the forefront of decentralized finance and mass adoption of blockchain and its assets for payment, cross border remittances, tokenization of real asset,would want to join the call by the World Health Organization to adopt digital means of payment as this would encourage more of social distancing and the usage of cash could further encourage the spread of this awful virus which has adversely impacted us all.

Social distancing is strongly encouraged as a smart moral suasion mechanism to curtail the spread of this virus. As a business with a clear mandate of building value on the basis of education centered on empathy, compassion and kindness, would want to open up a new free online educational campaign to educate the global world on blockchain, decentralized finance and how we can use it to keep our businesses, individual daily transactions stay afloat.

KuBitX team will open a public zoom meeting to help anyone willing to understand blockchain dubbed ‘Learn with KuBitX’ with our team of Blockchain experts.

As an organization,we want to join the call for a total digital world and seamless cashless society to offer ourselves to pioneer free end to end ‘Learn with KuBitX’ into the decentralized world by exposing millions into cryptocurrency usage and many other use cases the blockchain provides.

We have already built a hybrid blockchain wallet which interacts with tokenized fiat currencies and crypto assets by way of onramps and offramps.

We also have swapping of Naira to Ghana cedis and many other Afrcian currencies for easy travels or trade within the continent.

KuBitX becomes the first blockchain startup to come out clearly to support the world to go cashless by offering free online end to end Awareness,Education ,Tutorial and everything you need to know about decentralized finance.

We are opening this for SMEs, petty traders, online shoppers, individuals and large corporates who need the knowledge to transition into the decentralized world.

No More Limits to your Business Transactions!

KuBitX offers Free Online Training on Blockchain & Decentralized Finance

Makes business easier for SMEs, Petty Traders, Online shoppers, individuals and large corporates as we stay home from COVID-19

Join us every Tuesdays and Fridays.

Time: 10 am WAT

Samuel Joseph: User Acquisition and Education Manager, West Africa
George Mwakisha: User Acquisition and Education Manager, East Africa

Venue: Zoom link

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