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Simplifying The Blockchain Will Produce Mass Adoption



Crypstone will solve blockchain illiteracy through awareness

As interesting as it may sound, until the blockchain is clearly understood, it cannot drive mass adoption.

– Obele Johnbosco

Blockchain is a publicly distributed ledger of transactions that can be used to record and track anything of value from  financial transactions to medical records or even land titles. By design, blockchain is resistant to modification (i.e immutability) and ensures transparency because it is decentralized.
My journey in the crypto space has been fascinating because the more you go, the more you get to learn and meet a lot of several other smart people in the space. I heard about bitcoin and blockchain through a friend mid 2016. Initially , I perceived bitcoin to be just an investment commodity use for online investments. As time went on, it was now clear to me that blockchain technology & cryptocurrencies have a whole lot of value and is also a big ecosystem on its own. Early 2017 , I  and my team decided to play big in the space by creating a business around bitcoin and blockchain ecosystem.
Am passionate about the decentralized & transparent data record and tracking system of the blockchain as it can be applied for financial records & transactions (e.g bitcoin), Real estate systems, election & voting systems and so much more.
Crypstone is renowned bitcoin wallet service provider, bitcoin btc/fiat exchange and Bitcoin payment processor for local & international payments.


  1. Poor education in the country on what Cryptocurrency is, its benefits and demerits.
  2. Scams associated in buying and selling of bitcoins to unverified merchants.
  3.  Loss of funds due to carelessness of some crypto holders and traders.
  4.  Inability to convert digital assets with ease to fiat when needed.
  5.  Unavailability of a secured payment system that allows online and offline merchants accept digital currencies.

 Crypstone is set to bring solutions to the above listed problems as we have been doing a lot of sensitizations all over the nation through seminars and conferences. We will continue till a greater percentage of Africa is covered. Our exchange  have solved the problem of falling to scams when one wants to buy or sell bitcoins and also make it easy for one to convert digital assets to fiats very easily . Finally, our payment processor will enable online and off-line business owners accept digital currencies as one of their mode of payment thereby driving the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies .
We hope to cover more countries in Africa and globally by extending our services to them as we are set to become the  giant of Africa in the global crypto space.

Two things are paramount when you talk of adoption of the use of cryptocurrencies , proper education on it and simple technology that will facilitate its usage. These are the exact things we have provided and definitely, it will drive mass adoption of Cryptocurrencies.
– Johnbosco Obele

One of the practical implications of the above are seen in similar news where automobiles like Mecerdes-Benz adopt blockchain for sustainable supply chain. Also the use of Bitcoin to secure Amazon and Itunes Gift cards is another clear use case.

Point is, when the blockchain can conveniently be used in our every day life, then and only then can we brag about adoption.

Crypstone team is made of very smart and intelligent people, starting from the CEO to the least person in the team. I met my team members during my school days . Some in my secondary school period and others in my university school days . It has been great working the team and we have always  remained focused in making Crypstone a reputable brand to reckon with whenever one talk of cryptocurrency in Africa.


The Information provided on the website is designed to provide helpful information regarding cryptocurrency subjects. The content is not meant to be used, nor should it be used as a basis, foundational knowledge or prerequisite for decision making regards trading. Always do your own research and due diligence before placing a trade. We are not liable for any outcome based on any content found on the site. 

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