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Bolt secures first ever African Partnership for Cryptocurrency Education



Bolt– a mobile entertainment company based in Germany, has recently partnered with Blockchain Association of Kenya for cryptocurrency education. this partnership seeks to bring  more awareness (education) about blockchain to the people of Kenya.
Bolt is a mobile only entertainment service which seeks to reward over 6 billion people for content creation. The company offers live channels, videos and games. With bolt, users can either stream content in-browers or download via the mobile apps on Playstore and Appstore.
Following the partnership with the Blockchain Association of Kenya, Kenya becomes the first country in Africa to be on the Bolt platform. One of the major reasons for this partnership is to foster Cryptocurrency Education within the country.
According to Michael Kimani, who is the Chairman of Blockchain Association of Kenya, “Education is a core theme in our 2019 strategy. We want to make an impact on how our young Kenyans can harness the Potential of Blockchain and address some of the Challenges of youth unemployment facing Kenya today”
With this great feat, the Blockchain community in Nigeria looks forward to a possible integration as part of this laudable project.

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