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Huobi OTC Moves into Vietnam with Free OTC Trading  



Huobi OTC is making a grand entry to Vietnam and breaking boundaries with 0% trading fees. The Japanese giant exchange will now support Vietnamese Dong (VND) in peer-to-peer transactions.Traders can now exchange between crypto and fiat currencies using the Huobi OTC trading platform. While competitors are charging 1-2% to execute trades, Huobi will charge no fees when trading local currency into bitcoin, ethereum, and tether (USDT).
Huobi OTC, (over the counter trade) an affiliate of Huobi Global is dedicated to  over-the-counter trades of digital assets. The platform is safe, reliable and suitable for new users looking to invest in digital assets. The Huobi OTC platform also provides a live display data of the sell, purchase, payment transfer and the complete offline transaction through  escrow accounts to ensure safety and reliability.
Vietnamese users of the Huobi platform can exchange  their VND for other digital assets such as BTC, ETH, USDT and HT for free. Also, to prevent counterparty risks, traders are required to place security deposits with the exchange. Merchants who are unable to release the purchased coins at the stipulated time, will have the deposits released to the users. Huobi OTC will be leveraging its affiliate platform Huobi Global to cut out fees such as OTC deposit fees and withdrawal fees. This means a trader on Huobi OTC can purchase 1 BTC for about VND145,051,032.60m. The user doesn’t have to pay a dime to have the BTC transferred to the Huobi Global exchange platform after which he can commence peer-to-peer trading. However, if the user purchases the BTC from a competitor, he would have to bear additional fees before starting to trade.
The Advantage of Trading on Huobi OTC
Huobi OTC offers free cryptocurrency trading on BTC, ETH, USDT but competitors  may charge about 1-2%.
Transactions on Huobi OTC are seamless because of the integration of Huobi OTC to Huobi Global. This means that internal transfers are free and users do not need to pay to exchange one coin to another.
Huobi ensures that all transactions are reliable. Therefore, the coins in the users wallet must be confirmed before the user can list an advertisement on Huobi OTC.
Huobi OTC is reliable, provides 24/7 customer support and has a 5-year old security track record that can keep users rest assured.

Huobi OTC also supports about 17 countries/regions asides Vietnam including: Singapore, Canada, India, Vietnam, Australia, Korea, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Netherlands, Taiwan, Russia, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines and Mainland China.

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