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The Blockchain Revolution in Nigeria and the Need for Regulation.



In a recent strategic session organized by Mary Uduk, the Director General Securities and Exchange Commission of Nigeria (SEC) for the FINTECH Industry at SEC Towers Abuja. A critical analysis on the basics of the newest technology on the block (The Blockchain) in relation to the current plans to regulate the industry in the Nigerian Market, was the topic of discussion today.
In his presentation, Mr Ade Bajomo, the Executive Director Access Bank Nigeria and Vice President FinTech Association of Nigeria, took time to explain in simple terms the Blockchain Revolution currently taking place worldwide. He said; “Revolution refers to radical transformative change. It is a tumultuous and transformative event that attempts to change a region or society and in some cases, even the world”. Revolutions are the great turning points of history.

He also explained How Fintech is driving development and prompt execution in the financial sector of any economy. Moving on, he talked on the Future of Fintech; stating that the most recent discovery in the Space is the BLOCKCHAIN and that this discovery needs to be regulated.
At the end of his lecture, he answered few questions as regards security of the Blockchain in relation to the need for SEC to deliberately understand Blockchain technology, which would further help the active players institute the most desired regulation.

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