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Dash Drives Adoption in Nigeria with New Products



Dash is focused on driving adoption and this time the Arizona based cryptocurrency has products best suited for the unbanked in Nigeria. The products, Alt Savings and Dashcart will be spearheaded by the Dashsquard team. The team had come up with products that will focus on solving age long problems in the country. These problems range from retirement to savings and then to utility bill payment.
Saving Made Easy with Alt Savings
The DashSquard team came up with the idea of Alt Savings, a product that will help salary earners save a portion of their salary in Dash or Gold. The team will be enlisting 300 merchants and SMEs in the month of August as part of its Milestone. The team also aims to enlist 1000 SMEs within 3 months.
These merchants, SMEs and Companies will utilise Alt Savings in their their staff retirement plan as well as Savings plan. Alt Savings offers a diversified savings portfolio of not just Dash but Gold as well to help Baby Boomers become part of the saving scheme. Asides partnering with merchants and SMEs, Alt Savings also plans to drive financial inclusion for the unbanked. The product has a service called mobile top-up with which the unbanked can save with recharge cards.
Introducing Dashcart’s Microtransaction
On the other hand, DashCart will attend to the needs of crypto users who need to spend small amounts of their crypto. The product has services which will enable its users pay electricity bills, DSTV subscriptions, mobile top-ups, gift cards as well as perform micro transactions. The unique feature of Microtransactions will enable users send cryptos directly to loved ones in fiat without worry of conversion. This is because crypto owners often worry about the high cost of transaction fee when sending as little as 5,000 Naira worth of crypto to a family member. But with the microtransaction, the crypto owner sends Dash to DashCart, inputs the account number of the receiver and DashCart sends fiat to the receiver’s account.
Dash Giveaways For Users
DashCart is also adding payments of domestic and international flights to its list of services. The team also plans to include hotel bookings and tax payment along side and aims to spread beyond the borders of Nigeria. The DashSquard team also has a special giveaway planned for its users. The first 1000 persons to use their cards on DashCart will get an airdrop of $1 while the first 1000 users to save using Alt Savings will get $3 worth of Dash.
The CEO of the projects, Lucky Uwakwe  and his team are working towards achieving their milestone. Also, they have a physical office in Lagos Nigeria where they aim to attend to clients needs. The aim of the project is to drive Dash adoption as well as create a means of financial inclusion for the unbanked and poor persons in Nigeria.


What do you think about Dashcart and Alt Savings? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.
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