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Nebus, “The Crypto Bank” Gains Access to the African Market



Nebus, “the crypto bank” enables it’s users buy and sell cryptocurrencies, it also offers access to crypto-loans, remittance services, and other crypto financial services. Nebus is creating access to Crypto-Financal services across Africa, now cryptocurrency users in Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa and Nigeria can have access to Nebus.  The London-based startup runs a peer to peer exchange platform.
The Fintech startup was founded in 2014, Nebus offers cheap crypto-collateral loans and incorporates mobile and telecommunications money as well as a user-friendly bitcoin wallet. Nebus will be penetrating the African  market through mobile banking has made it easier for developing countries to get access to finances. Nebus also offers free bitcoin Mastercard Pay that allows users withdraw fiat from their cryptography account so long as Mastercard is acceptable there.
Mobile banking is an acceptable medium of carrying out transactions in Africa and platforms like MPESA in Kenya, has been able to penetrate the African market. Nebeus’ Director of Communications, Alex Lempka says, “Cryptocurrencies have a potential to make a significant impact on developing countries in many ways by providing a bridge into the global economy. Nebeus is looking forward to playing a major role in that by providing necessary infrastructure for all participants”.
The African market already has an established mobile market with the local communication network servicing up to 400 million people and the continent is also attracting a lot fintech and blockchain companies. Nebeus will not be left out of making an impact on the market as it make a difference in the African remittance market. The company aims to be a pint of reference for African remittance that receives an estimate  worth billions of dollars annually.

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