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Ethiopia Partners with Cardano to Improve Agriculture



Ethiopia is experiencing a Blockchain progression as today, Cardano’s founder Charles Hopkinson signed an MOU with the Ethiopian Ministry of Science and Technology. The Ethiopian government is working towards implementing blockchain technology for governmental and administrative use.
Cardano has a goal to work with governments and other organizations to raise efficiency and transparency by utilising the blockchain. This is why Hoskinson and the rest of the Cardano team will be setting up educational courses on Haskell and blockchain programming and development, and also begin to explore ways to make the governmental organizations of Ethiopia work more effectively. The Cardano team had earlier announced its intentions to spread Cardano through Africa with educational campaigns and implementing the technology to solve problems that have caused strife in the continent for decades.
Cardano is aiming to help Africa solve problems facing the nation. These problems include determination of land ownership. African nations can create land registries and put an end to these problems using the Cardano blockchain.

Cardano had one of their biggest breakthroughs last week. Their proof-of-stake algorithm, called Ouroboros has been announced to be provably secure. This news is great news to miners as the means that more miners will be able to utilize the incentives that Cardano presents. Cardano’s  programming language Haskell is also a standardized programming language which is loved by developers for its simplistic yet mathematical nature. Haskell has distinguished them from other protocols.
This new partnership between Cardano and Ethiopia will usher in more blockchain projects to the country Also, since the partnership is an MOU it implies that there is no binding obligations – which means there are no guarantees this collaboration will carry on as planned. But we look forward to seeing the fruition of the partnership.


What do you think about the partnership between Cardano and Ethiopia? Share your opinion with us in the comments section below.


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