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From Cryptogene to Venhub, What’s Next?



It is a non-contestable fact that among African migrants in the U.S, Nigerians have the highest educational attainment which statistics places at 61.4%. this must be the stimuli that led to the creation of Cryptogene by Bashir Aminu. since Nigeria was recently introduced to the blockchain technology there is a great need to educate Nigerians on the use cases and benefits of the Blockchain and cryptocurrency.
Cryptogene was launched in Dec. 14, 2016 and its aim is to create a community that will foster the teaching/learning process of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology. The Ceo of Cryptogene, Bashir explains what the platform will do, “Interactive and educative discussions are always open which enables participants to learn every day from verifiable facts.” the educational process has been a slow but steady one, as slowly but surely awareness is seeping into the Nigerian crypto space. the question now is why venhub?
On the 9th of March 2018, Bashir Aminu announced on his medium page, “we are relaunching Cryptogene as Venhub at #Venmeet, 17 March 2018.” he wrote further “When we launched the Cryptogene Project about 8 months ago, we had the vision of changing lives and solving real problems using blockchain technology. Since then we have encountered our fair share of challenges. This has helped shape us to be better, stronger and more result oriented. We went back to the drawing board and for the past few months, we silently developed plans that would bring the project to the fabled promised land. We have launched a brand that is clean, beautiful and easy to understand. We call it Venhub — Virtual Economy Network Hub: Your gateway to the distributed economy.”
New challenges deserve new strategies and this is what Bashir Aminu is trying to achieve by metamorphosing Cryptogene to Venhub. Venhub will be providing large-scale blockchain solutions, for both enterprise and consumers. an interoperable infrastructure has been set up to provide a link to the benefits of the distributed ledger technology. The good news for this change is that Venhub is a platform that host variety of features for its users. Venhub is an ecosystem housing various blockchain solutions that are currently being developed. they include;
Havene (cryptocurrency exchange), Spiel (e-learning platform), Blockmart (crowdfunding platform), Silk ( crowdfunding platform). as it seems, the Venhub team has got a lot of areas covered.
Although most of Venhub’s blockchain solutions are still under development, the blockchain solution it is going to be providing is vast and one worthy to take note on. since venhub will be having its next conference sometime in August, it is safe for us to ask what else they will be revealing, as this team of blockchain-prenuers has a lot up their sleeves.

What do you think of the integration of Cryptogene into Venhub? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.
Images courtesy of  Linkedin, Cryptogene, Venhub
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