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ImpactPPA Provides Blockchain Based Renewable Energy Solution for Somaliland Hospital



The world is tilting towards renewable energy and ImpactPPA, a blockchain energy platform is offering such an option to a Somaliland hospital. The option is one of reducing the cost of using fuel so that the money can be used for patients treatments. ImpactPPA decided to launched a ‘50 by 50’ scheme in partnership with the Earth Day Network where hybrid solar and wind systems will be installed in Somaliland.

The first hybrid system will be set up at the Edna Adan Hospital Hargeisa, the hospital which was set up  by the former foreign minister Edna Adan Ismail is a non-profit hospital. Electricity is a scarce commodity in health facilities in sub-Sahara healthcare facilities according to WHO. This alternative source of energy will cut down the cost of using fuel for the hospital and it was welcomed by Edna. She says, “The gift of clean energy will not only help us efficiently manage our operational costs but it will also greatly increase the available resources for the women who so desperately need our help.”
The Edna Adan Hospital Hargeisa began its operations as a maternity and has grown into a referral facility providing surgical, pediatric, medical, and obstetrical services. This was why it was chosen by ImpactPPA. The CEO of ImpactPPA Dan Bates explains their choice, “When we started talking about working with the Earth Day Network, we were looking for a project that would not only showcase the use of clean energy and the blockchain but one that would also offer access to energy and immediately benefit people’s lives. The Edna Adan Hospital became the perfect location for our first project together.”
Dan explained the energy supply, “The energy that we generate will power the hospital’s equipment and, subsequently, dramatically reduce the hospital’s electrical expenses which are greater than $0.50/KWh. The money saved will go directly back into the care and services that Edna and her team provide for these women in need.” More partnerships like this will lead to a better world.
What do you think of the integration of this blockchain base renewable energy technology to the Edna Adan Hospital? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.
Images courtesy of, ImpactPPA
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