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Cryptocurrency Exchanges Operating in Nigeria should be regulated by the Government – Industry Stakeholders



The CEO of NaijaCrypto said exchanges in the country welcomes regulations. This he said in the just concluded ABDAC 2019 conference held Sheraton Hotels, Abuja.

The A.I, Blockchain and Digital Assets Conference #ABDAC 2019 held in Abuja on the 4th and 5th of October, 2019 with great attendance from all over the world to the great capital city of Nigeria.

cryptocurrency exchanges in the country welcomes regulations.

The conference was graced by figures from the blockchain industry, regulatory bodies and other parties of the digital space. The event also saw the display of promising startups such as the likes of XCelTrip, Nimedix, Payfty, Bitfxt, NaijaCrypto, Sabi Exchange, Vites etc amongst others..

In a panel session titled “The Role of Crypto-Assets exchange in Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrencies” moderated by co-founder of Blockchain Nigeria User Group, Mr. Chuta Chimezie, Chiagoziem Iwu said cryptocurrency exchanges in the country welcomes regulations.

Also speaking on exchange security of user funds, he said NaijaCrypto has all its assets in cold storage and that if a hacker successfully penetrates the exchange platform, the hacker would not be able to access user’s funds.

CEO of Sabi Exchange, Mr. Lucky Uwakwe posted the position of Sabi Exchange on securing users’ funds, he said the exchange operates a 20/80 policy.

20% of total users’ funds are available on the exchange while the remaining 80% are kept on cold storage. A hacker will only be able to access the 20% on the platform only he if could penetrate the site.

Mr. Abikure Tega, CEO of KurecoinHub presented the securing policy of his platform; he said funds can only be compromised via the user access credentials.

The Co-founder of Blockchain Nigeria User Group #BNUG, Faith Titus was of the opinion that government should act very fast in regulating cryptocurrency exchanges.

The cryptocurrency industry is still in an infant stage but yet it is growing at an incredible pace. The awareness of cryptocurrency and blockchain continues to grow in Nigeria as stakeholders continue in the push to see the industry become mainstream like others in the country.

Concluding the conference was the launch of the #blockchaindev1000 initiative after awarding prizes to participants of a hackathon where the participants built programs on the Hyperledger platform using the hyperledger composer.

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Yellow Card Launches New Features; Adds in-app Bitcoin Wallet, Purchase Crypto With Credit/Debit Card



Yellow Card has launched new features to ease the purchase, sale and withdrawal of cryptocurrency in the Nigeria.

The new features which was launched yesterday, the 11th of November, 2019 now features an in-app Bitcoin Wallet; and it allows Nigerians to purchase cryptocurrency with their debit or credit cards.

Users of the Yellow Card product can now also convert crypto to the naira without having to go through anymore inconvenient processes.

Speaking on the launch of the new features, CMO, Yellow Card, John Colson said

When Yellow Card first came to Nigeria in May 2018, we were blown away by the demand for the product. Previous, I don’t think we fully understood the impact this product could have. This release means so much to us because it’s another step toward fulfilling our mission “financial inclusion for all”.

The debit and credit card feature according to Yellow Card is only available in Nigeria and will be released to other nations soon.

Yellow Card also added the Merchant App that lets users earn by selling Bitcoin thus increasing their revenue stream through commissions and other incentives.

In addition to the Merchant App, Yellow Card launches its Referral Program where users can now receive 20% of trading fees whenever they refer a friend to Yellow Card and that friend buys or sells crypto.

According to John Colson,

At Yellow Card, we believe that using our platform should be rewarding. Referring your friends to our platform should come with benefits.”

Yellow Card says it will expand to other African countries before the year ends bringing more rich features to its users such as multi-currency support, SMS portal for featured phones, Stablecoins, Savings, additional crypto wallet support, Lending, Securities and Staking.

Yellow Card will continue to work to bring features that support our mission of financial inclusion, John Colson concluded.

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Blockchain for Lawyers 101 Set to Hold in Abuja with a Nationwide and Continental Focus



After a successful outing of the maiden edition of Blockchain for Lawyers 101 in July 2019, it is set to hold in Abuja with a focus on being held across several cities in Nigeria and Africa at large empowering lawyers in the new age of tech and digital disruption.

With huge traction already gained on the upcoming event set to hold on the 30th of November, 2019, CryptoTVPlus caught up with the organizers, speaking exclusively with Senator Iyere Ihenyen, the Lead Partner at Infusion Lawyers & Partners and facilitator of African Blockchain Education Tour in partnership with eblockbuzz, a blockchain focussed media establishment from Nigeria, discussing with him on their upcoming event.

AI will not take your job if you don’t insist on taking AI’s job” – Senator Ihenyen

In this exclusive interview with CryptoTVPlus, Senator Ihenyen expounds on the purpose, plans and future outlook for Blockchain for Lawyers 101

What exactly is Blockchain for Lawyers 101?

“Blockchain for Lawyers 101 is a one-day course that introduces lawyers to the blockchain technology from what blockchain is, its applications and legal implications, how it affects lawyers, to how lawyers can reposition themselves to provide legal advisory services to blockchain-powered agencies, businesses, and organizations. Blockchain for Lawyers 101 is the first of its kind in Africa. It is introduced under the African Blockchain Education Tour initiated by eBlockbuzz in collaboration with Infusion Lawyers. An introductory course, Blockchain for Lawyers 101 is a building block to a successful career in blockchain law.”

What informed the decision to organize a Blockchain focused program for the legal sector?

“Blockchain is a disruptive technology that brings both new opportunities and new Legal and regulatory risks across various industries, including the legal industry. As agencies, businesses, governments, and organizations grapple with these new legal and regulatory risks, it is critical to have lawyers who understand how the blockchain technology works and its
various applications so they can be in a proper position to help clients avoid or at least minimize such Legal and regulatory risks. This is where Blockchain for Lawyers comes in. It equips lawyers with the knowledge and skills they need to actively participate in the new and emerging decentralized economy, creating new opportunities for their clients and also for themselves.”

Considering the growing awareness of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in Nigeria, how do you see the legal sector and Blockchain interfacing in the next few years?

“The intersection of Blockchain and the legal sector will increasingly widen and deepen in the next few years. This is because legal services is essentially a business of trust and blockchain as a trustless technology will disrupt the legal industry, bringing more accountability and transparency to what law has tried to achieve for centuries. Smart contracts will change the way that parties enter into contracts, effectively changing the role of lawyers in this respect. Also, blockchain can change the way intellectual property is protected, enabling a more efficient and effective way of managing IP rights compared to the chaos we have presently in the digital age. Apart from IP, disputes are bound to reduce significantly when blockchain is applied to our land registry system and public record system generally. And since blockchain is a decentralized ledger, it will have a significant impact on the shape and size of cybersecurity issues in the future.”

The emergence of new technologies comes with its own risk. Jobs could be lost as sectors or sub-sectors become less relevant. Same fears may be entertained by legal practitioners, what’s the appropriate response when presented with such?

“It’s true that emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, including blockchain come with considerable risks. But the appropriate response is not for lawyers to panic but lawyers need to reposition themselves to leverage the opportunities that these technologies also bring. By understanding what these technologies are, their policy and legal implications, and how they affect lawyers, lawyers can significantly minimize the risks and maximize opportunities. AI will not take your job if you don’t insist on taking AI’s job. Smart contracts will not take your job if you don’t insist that your contracts are smarter. The way to is to identify your strengths, acknowledge your weaknesses, reequip yourself, and then leverage these emerging technologies to amplify your strengths.”

The program title “Blockchain for Lawyers 101” presents itself as a beginner course for legal practitioners, would there be a Blockchain for Lawyers 201 soon?

“Yes, Blockchain for Lawyers 201 will be introduced in 2020, after taking Blockchain for Lawyers 101 to lawyers in various cities. Blockchain for Lawyers 101 is a comprehensive course that introduces lawyers to the fundamentals of the blockchain, its types, its applications, legal implications, regulation across various jurisdictions, and how lawyers can build successful careers in blockchain law. Blockchain for Lawyers 201 will focus more on select case studies, legal and regulatory compliance in relation to blockchain and virtual assets, including cryptocurrencies. It will be more intensive and it comes with exercises.”

Blockchain has helped create a global financial system without needs for a central authority, will Blockchain for Lawyers 101 reach out to other nations?

“The answer is YES, and this led by demand. After a successful maiden edition in Lagos in July 2019, Blockchain for Lawyers has received a great reception from lawyers in and outside Nigeria. So far, we have received interest from Rwanda and Kenya. We are also exploring Ghana. Moving to Abuja FCT on 30th of November 2019, the second edition of Blockchain for Lawyers 101 enjoys support from our sponsors such as Kurecoin Club, Blockchain African Ladies, Everlaw Foundation, and our partner, Stakeholders in Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria (SiBAN).


With more of this happening across Africa just like was seen in Kenya where graduates emerged in its first ever Blockchain class , Africa is truly on the path of realising her potentials in the grand scheme of things vis-a-viz other continents especially in areas of technology such as the Blockchain.

Registration is currently ongoing. Click HERE to register.

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Adoption News

First of its Kind in Africa: SisiPower to Empower the ‘African Sisi’ with $1m Entrepreneurial Grants and 150m Anion Sanitary Pads to women and the less privileged girl-child in Africa

Sisipower is committed to positioning the African sisi and equipping HER with one of the most trending innovative skills and technology, which is blockchain.

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Sisibox -Nigeria's first Sanitary Product powered by the Blockchain

Sanitary pads which is supposed to be readily available and affordable to every girl or young woman in Africa is not. Though we have some sanitary pad brands in the market, it’s just that many of these girls and women can’t afford to buy and use them for their monthly menstrual circle. In order to get these pads, these young women find themselves in despicable situations where they are forced to have sex with the chemist or shop keepers who sells these items. They are also exposed to having sex with any available male in exchange for sanitary pad. So sad that girls have to sell their dignity just to get a paltry sum of money to care for their monthly period.

It is also not new as research shows that many girls especially in public secondary schools miss class during their menstrual period. They do this as a result of the fear of being shamed by boys and girls alike for the blood stains that reflects at the back of their skirts. Not only that, some of these girls, if at all they try to come, end up using unhygienic materials like dirty clothes or tissue papers. And while they are away from school they miss out on academic lessons which affect their overall academic performance and deny them of better future prospects.

A look at our female prisons wards, tales of woes, agony and pains as another worrisome situation is brewing there. In the prisons, we have a situation where about five female inmates have to share one sanitary pad. Thus exposing them to all manners of highly contagious disease and infection.

Some of these girls and women when interviewed say, “we can’t afford to eat three square meals how much more buy a sanitary pad.”

In putting an end to this problem which have skipped the eyes of many, BEEP Foundation, a concerned non-governmental organization launches SISI POWER, a campaign to empower indigent women and girls with 1 million Dollars and 150 million sanitary pads across Africa, though starting from Nigeria.

This cash will be given as business grants to indigent women, after proper training. Also, they shall be mentored by successful business women and the foundation to ensure they make better use of the grants given to them.

For girls, they shall have access to free monthly sanitary pad and access to Blockchain Technology, ICT and life skills training which makes it possible for them not to sell themselves short just for sanitary pads. They will be trained in the following areas; Coding, Mobile App Development, Animation, Digital Marketing, Graphic Designs and other relevant courses that ensure for their self-sustenance, productivity.

With this innovative gesture, BEEP Foundation through the launch of Sisi Power has placed itself at the forefront of poverty eradication, entrepreneurial empowerment of Girls and Women in Africa.

The narrative has to change , Sisipower is committed to positioning the African sisi and equipping HER with one of the most trending innovative skills and technology, which is blockchain. SisiPower leads the way in its application of blockchain technology by enabling acceptance of donations in BMCTokens and made provision for acceptance of a smart contract shared Master-Node Equity reward on the blockchain to support and sustain the vision and mission of sisipower.

Sisi Power is an initiative of Beep Foundation, a foundation geared at providing empowerment and innovative development in Africa.

Operations Head Office : 15 Yinusa Adeniji street off Muslim Avenue ikeja lagos Nigeria.

A few members of the executive team were unveiled at the event.

Amb. Dr GIlead Okolonkwo - Brain and Founder of the Sisipower Initiative

Amb. Dr GIlead Okolonkwo – Brain and Founder of the Sisipower Initiative

Dr Chinwe Ikpe- Global Director of grants and Operations

Dr Chinwe Ikpe- Global Director of grants and Operations SisiPower

Dr Stephany Nwanmah - Global Director of Strategy and Partnership Sispower

Dr Stephany Nwanmah – Global Director of Strategy and Partnership Sispower

This launch happened on Saturday, 28th September, 2019, at 10:00am at the ZAAZ Hotels, Ikeja, Lagos.

Find Photos of the event here

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CampusBCAT2019 Moves to University of Port Harcourt after a Successful Tour at the University of Ibadan



The Campus blockchain and cryptocurrency tour CampusBCAT 2019 train is moving to the University of Port Harcourt after achieving great success at its first stop at the University of Ibadan UI on the 7th of September. The event is to hold on the 24th of September, 2019.

The CampusBCAT which is a university-wide education program aiming to teach and expose tertiary education students on the facts and misconception of blockchain and cryptocurrency had its maiden edition at the premier university of Ibadan with an over flow of attendance as anticipated.

The event was graced by seasoned speakers in the blockchain community such as  Franklin Peters, Founder & CEO of Bitfxt Technologies, Tola Fadugbe the Founder of Crypto Masterclass,   Chinedu Obidiegwu, Marketing and Community Lead for Luno, Ophi Rume otherwise known as Cryptopreacher, Emmanuel Bababola, Opakunle Omotayo, Toritseju Kaka ,  Chiagozie Iwu of Naijacrypto and CEO of Sumo Bank Gud Talent Igwe.

CampusBCAT2019 UI Speakers

The speakers exposed the students to cryptocurrency and the underlying technology, the blockchain. Educating the student even more, students were able to participate a Question & Answer session and also in a panel where their various questions were answered.

With the air already filled with excitements, students were also able to win amazing prizes such as free data top up, T-shirts, Laptop bag and a Smart phone amongst others.

Crowning the event was the inauguration of the BCAT Club which saw great interest from the attending students. The BCAT Club was set up to be the legacy of CampusBCAT in the institution.

Inauguration of BCAT Club

With the Club, students will be better position to learn about cryptocurrencies and blockchain and position them to be the leader of the future they are destined to be in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry and beyond.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain continues to be an interesting subject all over the world, with institutions already providing courses on the technology, the Nigerian students must not be left behind to be competitive globally.

As the engines are revving, it’s time to move on to the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT).

The waves which CampusBCAT is making cannot be left to impact just a few; the nation must feel the impact. CampusBCAT2019 at UI was just the beginning; CampusBCAT2019 UNIPORT will not be the end.

This is just the beginning as great speakers and industry titans are already set to expose the students of the great University of Port Harcourt to cryptocurrency and blockchain.

As the overflowing crowd poured in to listen to blockchain education at University of Ibadan, CampusBCAT 2019 at UNIPORT promises to be one of the largest ever in the history of blockchain and cryptocurrency education in Nigeria and Africa at large.

We can’t wait for it. The waves are coming, the volcanoes are erupting, and there are lightning and thunderstorm announcing CampusBCAT 2019 at UNIPORT. Rage on.

CampusBCAT2019 at Uniport is scheduled to hold on the Tuesday, the 24th of September, 2019.

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