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Telegram to launch ad platform globally, share revenue with users



Telegram advertising platform is set to officially open its doors to advertisers worldwide in March, spanning nearly 100 countries.

Channel owners will now receive a substantial 50% share of the generated revenue. The news was shared by Du Rov as he gave a hint of the future plans Telegram has for the community.

Pavel Durov, a Russian-born French-Kittitian–Emirati entrepreneur, is known for founding the social networking site VK and the app Telegram Messenger. 

Durov’s journey includes significant achievements such as founding VKontakte, a social networking site influenced by Facebook, which grew to a value of $3 billion. In 2013, he decided to sell his shares in VKontakte and later founded Telegram Messenger. 

According to him, the advertising system aims to enhance transaction speed and security by utilizing the secure and efficient TON blockchain for payments. 

He added that Ad spaces will be sold using Toncoin, a digital currency on the TON blockchain, and channel owners will be recipients of a portion of the revenue generated through the displayed ads.

Telegram Open Network (TON) was initially introduced by Telegram as a blockchain project that aimed to transform the digital landscape. The TON blockchain was designed to be a decentralized computer network consisting of a layer-1 blockchain with various components. 

It was developed by Dr. Nikolai Durov and the messaging platform Telegram, with the intention of creating a robust infrastructure for Web3 applications.

TON introduced its native cryptocurrency called Toncoin, which serves various purposes within the TON ecosystem. 

Toncoin is used for transaction fees, securing the blockchain through staking, making decisions on network development, processing smart-contract message fees, and facilitating payments within the network.

In recent developments, Telegram has endorsed the TON network as its blockchain of choice for Web3 infrastructure. Also, Telegram integrated the TON crypto wallet into its platform, making it available to its 800 million users worldwide. 

The TON wallet integration has been a significant step towards enhancing user experience and expanding access to cryptocurrencies for Telegram users.

The Founder revealed that “broadcast channels on Telegram generate 1 trillion views monthly.” Durov stated that at present, only 10% of the vast viewership on Telegram, specifically from broadcast channels, is being monetized through Telegram Ads. 

This advertising tool is intentionally crafted with a focus on privacy, ensuring that the promotion methods align with Telegram’s commitment to user privacy and security.

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