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Solana’s smartphone, Saga, completely sold out in the US



Layer One blockchain Solana has attained significant achievement in its move to push out its blockchain phone — Saga. The company announced via X (Twitter) that it has sold out the phone in the United States. The phone which cost $599 has long been in production since its first announcement in mid-2022 alongside the Solana Mobile Stack — a community-focused effort to make Web3 utilities available for anyone around the world. 

The Solana Mobile Stack offers essential technologies to develop Android applications that seamlessly interact with the Solana network. By using this powerful tool, developers can create Web3 apps that effortlessly integrate with Android-Solana integration. This opens up possibilities for anyone looking to harness the Solana network on their Android devices.

In November, blockchain security and auditing firm Certik reported a vulnerability in the Solana Saga. The blockchain security firm has brought attention to the vulnerability in the bootloader unlock feature. Not restricted to the Solana phone alone, Certik asserts that this security concern poses a challenge to the entire industry.

Certik showcased their discovery through a video demonstration where they “backdoored” the Solana mobile phone. Generally associated with malicious software, a backdoor enables unauthorized entry into a system without the need for regular authentication. This grants remote access to system files and the ability to issue commands.

Although the phone was launched just a few months ago and quickly sold out in the United States, Solana has already set its sights on expanding into Europe. The phone boasts impressive features such as the Seed Vault — a unique system that securely stores private keys, seed phrases, and secrets while still maintaining connection with mobile apps. 

Additionally, it includes the dApp Store — an innovative decentralized marketplace exclusively for Solana where users can conveniently access and launch Android apps. It’s worth noting that this store coexists harmoniously with Google Play on the same device, allowing users to seamlessly access both Web2 and Web3 apps. And lastly, the phone also offers the Solana Mobile Stack (SMS), further enhancing its overall capabilities.

Speaking on this, the co-founder of Solana Labs said “The goal with @solanamobile is to crack the App Store duopoly. Network effects are nearly impossible to overcome unless there’s a significant single-player benefit that outweighs the switching costs.” 

He continued further saying “Once developers start releasing crypto-incentivized apps to all Saga users, it should kickstart the flywheel. Users interested in crypto incentives will adopt the phone.”

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