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ANTPOOL to refund $3M; highest ever paid gas fee



Bitcoin mining pool, ANTPOOL has announced that it will refund the $3 million transaction fee submitted by a user last week for a transfer on the Bitcoin network. The refund is currently pending user verification for claims.

Miners utilize substantial computing resources to process transactions on blockchains and receive rewards for successfully mining “blocks.” While miners are not obligated to return fees to users, they may choose to do so in certain cases, particularly when the amount is exorbitantly high.

In this case, a Bitcoin user submitted an exceptionally large BTC gas fee during a transaction. However, ANTPOOL reported that its system temporarily froze the fee while packaging the transaction. This incident was record-breaking, as it involved the highest fee ever paid for a transaction.

ANTPOOL issued the following statement: “On November 23rd, a bitcoin user submitted 83 BTC as a gas fee. The risk control system of ANTPOOL temporarily froze the fee when packaging the transaction.”

According to on-chain data, the sender’s wallet was newly created before initiating the transfer. Unfortunately, the intended recipient of the transaction received 55.78 BTC instead of the intended 139.42 BTC.

To resolve this issue, the user must contact the ANTPOOL team before 00:00 (UTC+8) on December 10, 2023, to undergo personal identity verification. The identity verification process involves two steps.

As per ANTPOOL’s instructions, the user needs to prepare a signing tool such as Electrum or Bitcoin Core. Then, they should use the private key of the address from which the transaction was sent to sign the message “AntPool” using the prepared signing tool.

ANTPOOL has provided the address in the message sent to users. Once completed, the user should send the signed text to ANTPOOL’s support email at

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