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Lens Protocol Founder Reveals Expansion Plans for More Users



Stani Kulechov, the visionary founder of Lens Protocol, has unveiled plans to gradually broaden access to the Web3 social protocol.

This announcement signifies a pivotal moment for the Lens Protocol community and the broader Web3 ecosystem.

Lens Protocol is a blockchain-based open-source social graph designed to reshape the future of social media concepts in the era of Web3.

It is designed to be permissionless and composable, empowering content creators to “own their digital roots” and enabling people to own the connections between themselves and their communities.

Unlike contemporary Web2 social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook that use social graphs to develop interconnections among users of social networks solely in a centralized manner, Lens Protocol is designed to be interoperable and can be integrated with other Web3 applications. 

This design allows creators to build their own custom social media experiences. Lens Protocol modules allow users to introduce unique, custom functionality on features like Follow, Collect, and Reference, including interaction with other users’ content.

Since its inception, Lens Protocol has raised $15 million to build the decentralized social web, and it is being built by Aave, a Web3 lending platform. 

It’s also worth knowing that it has a collection of NFTs called Lens Protocol Profiles, which are claimed by users and allow them to have more control over their data.

Stani, a prominent figure in the blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi) sectors, has long been an advocate for democratizing access to blockchain technologies. 

With the Lens Protocol, his vision is set to become a reality. The protocol, known for its innovative approach to Web3 social interactions, is poised to extend its reach to a wider audience.

While making the announcement, the founder also called on interested individuals to connect their wallets and join the waitlist. 

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