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Lens Protocol unveils version 2.0



Lens Protocol, a Web3 social platform, has recently announced the release of its v2, which brings them closer to their vision. Lens Protocol aims to create an open and decentralized social layer for the web, with a primary focus on social use cases, user experiences, and implementing collective value share models for social media stakeholders.

The latest version of Lens Protocol was refined based on feedback from creators and builders who envision the future of decentralized social networks. According to Lens Protocol, this development offers “greater composability, value share opportunities, increased configurability, added trust and safety standards, and enhanced profile security”.

In general, Lens Protocol v2 aims to provide applications and integrators with the flexibility to create use cases and consumer experiences that best suit their needs. 

From V1 to V2

Lens Protocol V1 was initially launched in 2022 without a user interface. As time went on, several applications such as Lenster, Orb, Buttrfly, and Momoka were developed within the network. The Momoka application played a crucial role in expanding and enhancing Lens’ content storage capabilities.

Furthermore, the protocol introduced Lens Improvement Proposals (LIPs), which paved the way for decentralized governance within the network. The implementation of LIPs fostered community insights, creativity, participation, and collaboration.

With the release of Lens Protocol V2, the team took a significant step forward. The codebase was completely rewritten, refactored, and optimized for improved readability, open-source contributions, and a seamless developer experience.

This upgrade enables the integration of Web3 features into applications, whether they offer a Web3-native experience or cater to regular consumers.

Key features of Lens Protocol V2 include:

  • Open Actions: Composable Social Networking
  • Collective Value Share
  • Profiles
  • New profile manager
  • Quiet publications
  • On-chain blocking and other safety features

Lens Protocol V2 brings a notable update with an enhanced and flexible interaction model for profiles. In V1, the focus was on interactions between profiles and wallets, but now, in V2, it’s profile-to-profile engagements. This shift streamlines user interactions and enhances overall experiences by associating engagements with profiles instead of followers.

To show appreciation to early adopters, Lens Protocol has opened a waitlist. Users can participate in a minting pool to mint the unveiling as an NFT.

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