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Blockstream launches Greenlight, a new Lightning-as-a-Service



As industry players in Bitcoin Infrastructure technology keep pushing for innovative solutions, Blockstream has announced the launching of a new Lightning-as-a-Service solution. The solution called Greenlight aims to improve the Bitcoin ecosystem via the Lightning Network.

The newly launched tool brings a fast, and coeffective Bitcoin payment catering to developers and global enterprise clients. With the Greenlight tool, developers wouldn’t have to risk holding users’ funds, Blockstream explained, also it would enable them to outsource the complexities and challenges of building and maintaining Lightning infrastructure to Blockstream.

Tradeoffs exist with the current Lightning payments where users choose between the ease of use and independence or self-custody. For Blockstream, it aims to tackle this painpoint without compromising on security.

Blockstream’s Greenlight lead, Christian Decker acknowledged that “the challenge is to alleviate this burden without compromising on security or functionality.” He added that Greenlight is designed for the seamless integration of Lightning into apps while allowing users to have “full exclusive” control over their funds.

The Greenlight architecture is such that users store their private keys, have exclusive control over their funds, and “never shared with Blockstream’s infrastructure,” the firm said.

Developers can now access the Greenlight developer certificates to utilize the service’s API. The certificate can be obtained through the Greenlight developer console. 

Following the launch, Blockstream plans to run an experimentation to promote the development of self-custodial Lightning applications allowing developers to deploy up to 1,000 “on-demand” nodes. Additionally, they would provide paid plans for enterprises with more extensive needs, including higher node limits and uptime guarantees.

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