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Bitmain’s new Bitcoin Antminer T2 shipping in January 2024



Bitmain, a leading manufacturer of Bitcoin mining hardware, has unveiled its latest model, the Antminer T21, with a computing power of 190 TH/s and an energy efficiency ratio of 19 J/TH.

On October 26, Bitmain took to Twitter to announce the world premiere of the Antminer T21, their new air-cooled miner designed to withstand ambient temperatures of up to 45 degrees Celsius.

Bitmain released the Antminer T21 at the Blockchain Life 2023 Forum in Dubai, where Xmei Lin, Bitmain’s Head of Marketing, revealed the company’s role as a “diamond sponsor” of the event.

Bitmain’s spokesperson confirmed that the Antminer T21 would begin shipping in January 2024.

The Antminer T21 is engineered to support various proof-of-work (PoW) cryptocurrencies using the SHA256 algorithm, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin SV. It offers a hash rate of 190 terahashes per second and an energy efficiency ratio of 19 joules per terahash.

During the event, Bitmain is offering a price protection plan to Antminer T21 buyers, assisting them in managing the risk of cryptocurrency price fluctuations.

The protection plan covers declines in the BTC price for one, three, or six months, available until November 25, 2023. Bitmain has stated that customers will receive cash compensation if Bitcoin’s price falls below a specified threshold during the protection period. Compensation will be provided immediately after the triggering event.

The Antminer T21 is part of Bitmain’s extensive mining device lineup, alongside other ASIC mining leaders such as Canaan, MicroBT, and Bitfury.

Canaan, a Chinese company, marked its 10th anniversary by releasing its A14 series of mining machines designed with a focus on sustainability. These machines offer both liquid-cooled and air-cooled options.

Despite ongoing innovation from firms like Canaan and Bitmain in developing new ASICs, the industry has encountered some challenges in recent years.

However, the price of ASIC miners has substantially decreased in the past year, with a nearly 80% drop in price per terahash from its 2021 peak, partly due to an influx of new miners entering the market, as previously reported by Cointelegraph.

In August 2023, Blockstream, a blockchain technology company, announced its intention to raise $50 million to acquire mining equipment from secondary markets in preparation for the 2024 Bitcoin halving.


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