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New tech expected to boost Bitcoin mining success by 260%



QBT, a UK-based research company, utilized AI algorithms to enhance the winning probability of specific ASIC Bitcoin miners, as CEO Francesco Gardin revealed in an interview with Cointelegraph. QBT innovatively integrated AI to enable smart searches for winning hashes.

QBT developed patented methods leveraging insights from experts in fields such as quantum computing, machine learning, cryptography, ASIC chip design, and algorithm optimization theory. The machine learning teams within QBT formulated two separate algorithmic search strategies, each aiming to improve efficiency and achieve favorable results.

CEO Gardin outlined QBT’s strategy, focusing on enhancing the mining capabilities of current commercial ASIC chips by integrating an AI software component and developing a novel architecture for ASIC mining chips. The long-term goal is to utilize quantum computers for Bitcoin mining, using an in-development SHA-256 computation method compatible with quantum systems.

In July 2023, QBT revealed a patent application for a transformative architectural shift involving preprocessing data used in upcoming blocks on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Similarly, Gardin mentioned the QBT Message Scheduling for Cryptographic Hashing ASIC (MSFCA)— a system that performs anticipatory pre-calculations for upcoming BTC blocks. MSFCA reduces logic gates within the SHA-256 ASIC architecture, lowering energy costs and improving efficiency. QBT’s estimates indicate the potential elimination of up to 8% of logic gates within SHA-256 ASIC chips.

Additionally, Gardin emphasized the potential impact of these techniques on the Bitcoin mining sector, highlighting factors such as fleet size, halving speed, energy expenses, and search approach.

Moreover, QBT’s technology, developed with Intel’s Blockscale ASIC chips, has the potential to provide advantages to any mining rig.

QBT technologies have been touted to provide an “unassailable edge” through AI and SHA-256 optimization. QBT is exploring various options to bring its solutions to the Bitcoin Mining market. These options may include subscription models, licensing agreements, joint ventures, or even selling the company and its technologies outright. 

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